The Bandit Rides Again: Smith to Run Partial Schedule for CJB Motorsports
Pennsylvanianative to tackle PA Speedweek, Kings Royal, Knoxville Nationals and more

TELFORD,Pa. – April 17, 2013 – A famous name is returning to a famous ride.

Teamowners Chad and Jenn Clemens are proud to announce that Stevie Smith will pilota black #19 sprint car in forty races across the country for CJB Motorsports in2013. The New Oxford, Pa. native willsee his first action of the season at the famed Williams Grove Speedway nearMechanicsburg, Pa. on Friday, May 10th.

“My wife and I are extremely pleased that we were able to puttogether this opportunity to bring Stevie and the black #19 back under the CJBMotorsports banner,” said Clemens, who also fields the #51 entry for Worldof Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series title contender, Paul McMahan. “We gotthe chance to know Stevie quite well last year and have worked throughout thewinter on a way to have him race for us in 2013. Stevie is a class act and oneof the finest sprint car drivers you will find anywhere. It is a privilege tobe apart of bringing the Black Bandit back to the race track.”

For his part, Smith is equally optimistic about the partnership.

“I’m very excited and thrilled that we were able to puttogether this deal to have the #19 car return,” explained Smith, who hasover 200 career winged sprint car victories to his credit. “Chad and Jenntold me that would try to put something together and I’m very grateful thatthey could. It means quite a bit to have the black #19 back out on the track.Obviously we would love to run on a full time schedule but this 40-race series willgive us an opportunity to showcase what we are capable of. I’m excited to workJeremy Mondock as well as Paul McMahan and Barry Jackson from the #51 car. Theyare running for the World of Outlaws championship and hopefully we can helpthem learn a few things as well. It will be a true two car effort with all ofthe knowledge being pooled together throughout the night.”

Smith will run in tandem with McMahan at 14 World of OutlawsSprint Car Series events in addition to running the full Pennsylvania Speedweekand multiple UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions and local races.

“Not only is this a great opportunity to have Stevie back,it’s also a chance for us to gain some extra knowledge and track time to helpout Paul and Barry with our #51 program,” said Clemens. “Barry willbe building the cars and we’ll be utilizing Kistler Racing Engines in both the51 and the 19 so the two will be identical. At the track, Barry will overseethe effort with help from Jeremy. Ouridea is to have both cars running in order to gather as much information forthe overall team effort. Paul and Barry are in the thick of the title fight andsome extra help here or there might make the difference by the time we get tothe World Finals in November.”

Backing for the venture will come from CJB Motorsports partnersAll Star Performance, Spectro Oils, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, BairsTree Service Nyce Crete and Landis Block and Concrete and more.

With partners and a crew in place, the 2012 Ohio Sprint SpeedweekChampion and Knoxville Nationals pole sitter has a clear vision of the future.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a long career inracing,” said Smith. ” I’m at a stage in my life where I want to wina lot of races and I believe that all the pieces are in place for us to be astrong and, hopefully, winning car, night in and night out.”

Listedbelow is the 2013 schedule for Stevie Smith and the #19 CJB Motorsports entry.

5/10/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
5/17/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
5/18/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
5/24/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
5/25/13-PortRoyal Speedway
5/26/13Selinsgrove Speedway
6/14/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
6/28/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway (PA Speedweek)
6/29/13-LincolnSpeedway (PA Speedweek)
7/1/13-BigDiamond Speedway (PA Speedweek)
7/2/13-GrandviewSpeedway (PA Speedweek)
7/3/13-HagerstownSpeedway (PA Speedweek)
7/4/13-LincolnSpeedway (PA Speedweek)
7/5/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway (PA Speedweek)
7/6/13- PortRoyal Speedway (PA Speedweek)
7/7/13-SelinsgroveSpeedway (PA Speedweek)
7/12/13-Eldora Speedway (Kings Royal)
7/13/13-Eldora Speedway (Kings Royal)
7/19/13-Williams Grove Speedway
7/20/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
8/2/13-Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 (Ironman 55)
8/3/13-Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 (Ironman 55)
8/4/13-Knoxville Raceway (Capitani Classic)
8/7/13-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville Nationals)
8/8/13-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville Nationals)
8/9/13-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville Nationals)
8/10/13-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville Nationals)
8/30/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
9/1/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
9/6/13-PortRoyal Speedway (Tuscarora 50)
9/7/13-PortRoyal Speedway (Tuscarora 50)
9/27/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
10/4/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
10/5/13-WilliamsGrove Speedway
11/7/13-TheDirt Track at Charlotte (World Finals)
11/8/13-TheDirt Track at Charlotte (World Finals)
11/9/13-TheDirt Track at Charlotte (World Finals)

For moreinformation or to inquire about partnership opportunities, please contact JennClemens at

CJB Motorsports would like to thank the following partners formaking racing possible: All Star Performance, Bairs Tree Service, Brown andMiller Racing Solutions, Butlerbuilt Seats, Factory Kahne, FK Rod Ends, HenryDunn Insurance, Kenny’s Components, Kistler Engines, Nyce Crete and LandisBlock and Concrete, Motorsports Designs, Race Gear X, Schoenfeld Headers,Simpson, Smith Precision Products, Spectro Oils, Weld Racing and WintersPerformance Products.