Orrville, Ohio
Friday, July 19, 2013
By Mike Swanger

Twenty three BRP Big Block Modifieds checked into the pits of NAPA Wayne County Speedway Friday night for the first time in ten years as Sanborn NY’s Chad Brachmann had to work through the field for the win. Tom Glenn lead the first of the 30 laps from the pole but outside pole sitter Tom Mattocks took over on lap two as sixth starting Brad Rapp powered his way into second at the same time. Rapp would move past Mattocks on lap seven for the lead as Brachmann was working his way up from his 11th starting position, moving into third on lap ten. Brachmann and his Mighty Taco and Gold Bond #3 would slide under Rapp coming out of turn two for the top spot on lap 13 and drive away to expand his points lead in the series and collect his second tour win of the year. Rapp held on to second with the King’s, Rex Jr. and Rex Sr. finishing third and fourth as both had started in the fourth row. Ricky Richner finished fifth. Steve Feder, Brachmann and Rapp captured the heat wins.

Wooster’s Danny Mumaw was on a mission in the Fisher Performance Sprints as he took the lead from Mitch Harble on lap two and dominated the rest of the race as he built up a half track lead at times aboard the Finishline Auto Body, DJ Directional Services and Coblentz Trucking #16 for his second win of the season. Last week’s winner Broc Martin ran second until lap 23 when fast qualifier Andrew Palker edged past from his 10th starting position to finish in the runner up spot. Lee Jacobs finished fourth as Jack Sodeman Jr was fifth. The only glitch in the 25 lap event came on lap 12 when Brad Haudenschild clipped a retaining tire in turn four and then crashed hard into the tires around the light pole in turn one. He would walk away ok. Pocketing the heat wins were Sodeman Jr., Harble and Mumaw as Eric Williams scored the last chance win.

Driving the Schaeffer Oil, Innovative Graphics and GLR #27g, Brandon Gardner of Miamisburg started on the pole of the Thrifty Muffler Super Stock feature and held off early charges of fast qualifier Ryan West for his third win this season. Bob Daugherty took home third and late race moves by last seasons track champion, Brandon Craver, and Chase Alexander netted them fourth and fiffth to beat out Jeremy Lynch and Shawn Cains. West and Daugherty notched the heat wins.

The Mod Lites rolled into NAPA Wayne County Speedway for the first time and after Jeff Teeters and Braden Dillinger won the heats, Dillinger controlled the feature for the opening two laps when Zanesville’s Tracy Fritter took over and then scooted to the win driving the Eliminator Race Cars #59. Late race mishaps took Dillinger, Teeters and George Englert out of the top five and that would allow Alan Knepper to finish second with Lynn Knepper taking third followed by Kenny Meadows and Doug Stanley.

The Trucks saw their first action of the year at NAPA WCS and it was Galena’s Rolly Heyder sweeping the night as he topped the heat race and then following a full inversion for the start of the feature, took two laps to take the lead from John Large from his eighth starting position to park the Jack Maxton Chevrolet, Rader Collision and Nichel’s Towing #10 in victory lane. John Large held on to second as Brad Phillips, Jim Large and Gary Lillibridge rounded out the top five. Rich Johnston rolled his truck coming off turn two in the heat race but fixed it up and started the feature and finished seventh behind Dewey Powell.

All the regulars will be back in action next Friday night, July 26th and then on Friday, August 2, it will be Kid’s Night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. Look in on the track’s website, www.waynecountyspeedway.com for all the information about the speedway.

Saturday, July 19, 2013
Heat 1 Steve Feder, Rex King Jr., Tom Mattock, Tom Glenn, Ron Cartwright Jr., Carl Murdick, Joe Kubiniec, Steve Barr
Heat 2 Chad Brachmann, Kevin Hoffman, Rex King Sr., Dave Murdick, Mark Frankhouser, Rick Ryder, Dillon Barr, Don Brown dns
Heat 3 Brad Rapp, Mike Turner, Rick Richner, Chris Haines, Bob Warren, Randy Chronister, Jeremiah Shingledecker
Feature Chad Brachmann, Brad Rapp, Rex King Jr., Rex King Sr., Rick Richner, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Mike Turner, Steve Barr, Kevin Hoffman, Tom Mattocks, Mark Frankenhouser, Steve Feder, Carl Murdick, Randy Chronister, Rick Ryder, Chris Haines, Tom Glenn, Ron Cartwright Jr., Joe Kubiniec, Dillon Barr, Bob Warren, Dob Brown dns, Dave Murdick dns

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Andrew Palker
Saldana Racing Products Heat 1 Jack Sodeman Jr,. Broc Martin, Brad Haudenschild, Andrew Palker, Kirk Jeffries, Nick Patterson, Matt Phillips, Shawn Minor
Saldana Racing Products Heat 2 Mitch Harble, Lee Jacobs, Jamie Myers, Bob Lime, Pete Grove, Eric Williams, Gary Feller, Butch Beasley
Fisher Performance Heat 3 Danny Mumaw, Jimmy Pooler, Jason Dolick, Aaron Middaugh, Chris Myers, Shawn Hubler, Troy Kingan, Bill Ault
L.C #1 Eric Williams, Nick Patterson, Troy Kingan, Shawn Hubler, Bill Ault, Shawn Minor, Butch Beasley, Gary Feller, Matt Phillips,
Feature Danny Mumaw, Andrew Palker, Broc Martin, Lee Jacobs, Jack Sodeman Jr., Mitch Harble, Chris Myers, Jamie Myers, Kirk Jeffries, Jason Dolick, Eric Williams, Bob Lime, Aaron Middaugh, Pete Grove, Nick Patterson, Jimmy Pooler, Shawn Hubler, Bill Ault, Brad Haudenschild, Troy Kingan

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Ryan West
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Ryan West, Brandon Gardner, Shawn Cains, Chase Alexander, Todd Swim, Dennis Amstutz, Cliff Staley, Todd Gallion, Brandon Welker, Gary McGregor dns
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Bob Daugherty, Tony Cline, Jeremy Lynch, Brandon Craver, Paul Whitten, Kyle Cline, Tyler Nicely, Don Rutt, Brad Eagle
Feature Brandon Gardner, Ryan West, Bob Daugherty, Brandon Craver, Chase Alexander, Jeremy Lynch, Shawn Cains, Tony Cline, Kyle Cline, Todd Swim, Paul Whitten, Dennis Amstutz, Tyler Nicely, Don Rutt, Brandon Welker, Cliff Staley, Todd Gallion, Brad Eagle dns, Gary McGregor dns

Heat 1 Jeff Teeters, Nick Crider, Tracy Fritter, Alan Knepper, Brian Stulhdreher, Levi Walters, Josh Crider, Larry Went
Heat 2 Braden Dillinger, George Englert, Kenny Meadows, Lynn Knepper, Doug Stanley, Andrew Hart, Wayne Kintz
Feature Tracy Fritter, Alan Knepper, Lynn Knepper, Kenny Meadows, Doug Stanley, Brian Stulhdreher, Braden Dillinger, Jeff Teeters, George Englert, Wayne Kintz, Levi Walters, Josh Crider, Nick Crider, Andrew Hart, Larry Went dns

Heat 1 Rolly Heyder, Cole Lillbridge, John Large, Gary Lillibridge, Jim Large, Dewey Powell, Jerry Gardner, Rich Johnston, Brad Phillips dns
Feature Rolly Heyder, John Large, Brad Phillips, Jim Large, Gary Lillibridge, Dewey Powell, Rich Johnston, Cole Lillibridge, Jerry Gardner dns