Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, May 3, 2014
By Mike Swanger

Despite a late afternoon downpour that backed up Jason Flory’s track crew in getting the track ready for action, the results were a very fast racing surface some great come from behind results in two of the features on Fisher Performance night. The Lias Tire Late Models were competing in the second night of the Attica Raceway Park/NAPA WCS Challenge Series with Doug Drown and Ryan Markham starting on the front row of the 25 lap feature. Drown would grab the lead but two cautions in the first five laps kept the field together. Drown would open up a big lead until another yellow on lap 11. On this restart, Markham stayed within striking range of Drown and was able to show his nose to Drown in turn one and kept the pressure on as JR Gentry was closing in on the two front runners.The next to last caution flew on lap 17 and this time when the green reappeared, Markham dove low in turn one and slid up in front of Drown’s machine and took over the lead. Fourth place running Garrett Krummert brought out the last caution when he stopped in turn 2 with six laps remaining. On the final restart, the Ashland based H & T Demolition, Fultz Fabrication and Accu Shock #5m of Markham edged out to a three car length lead as Gentry was knocking on the door of Drown and powered past on the last lap to take second behind Markham. Finishing fourth was Blaine Aber while Don Conley took fifth. Drown was the fast qualifier and a heat winner along with Krummert and Brad Malcuit. Jeremy Canada was the VP Fuels Hard Charger of the race by moving up 8 positions.

The Fisher Performance Sprints began their night with two time track champion Andrew Palker breaking his own track record of 14.298.Following the heat races that were won by Broc Martin, Jason Dolick and Brad Haudenschild, Pete Grove and Palker would start up front but Grove was penalized for jump starting and that would move Rob Chaney to the pole. Disaster would strike on the opening lap as 14th starting Bryce Dickson smacked the guardrail in turn two but as the leaders were into turn three, Palker went barrel rolling at least three times, wiping out his 57x machine. This would put Brad Haudenschild on the outside of the front row following the red flag. Millersburg’s Haudenschild would outrace fellow hometown driver Chaney into turn one for the lead with Martin in pursuit. Martin would zoom past Chaney on lap seven for second and start to chase down Haudenschild’s Kempthorn Auto Mall and Medi Taxi #38k. Martin quickly caught Haudenschild and swiped the point going down the backstretch on lap 10. The red flag flew on lap 11 when Trey Jacobs got airborne in turn four and like Palker, walked away uninjured.With the green flag back out, Martin, Haudenschild and Chaney were the front three but Dean Jacobs, who started 7th following the red flag for his son, powered his way into 4th with 10 laps to go. Chaney’s 9x would slow on lap 21 and bring out the final caution, setting up a four lap dash to the finish. Martin and Haudenschild would go wheel to wheel the last four laps and as the pair came out of turn four for the checkered flag, and both cars popping wheelies and touching, Haudenschild edged ahead as Martin slide sideways across the finish line. Dean Jacobs was third as Danny Mumaw and Jack Sodeman Jr. rounded out the top five.

Larry Baldwin of Medina had the easiest night for repeating his opening night win in the Thrifty Muffler Super Stock main. The 7up, Midas Muffler, and Baldwin Motorsports car lead all the way but in the last few laps, Mitch Caskey was closing in but was five car lengths behind at the checkered flag. Brandon Gardner and Chase Alexander went race long with a back and forth duel before Gardner claimed the third spot over Alexander as Paul Whitten filled out the five. Bob Daugherty was fast qualifier again but mechanical issues sidelined him after one lap of the feature. Jeremy Lynch and Gardner notched the heat wins. The Baldwin Motorsports $100 bonus was awarded to Chris Albright for finishing 7th.

Greg Thompson of Shreve scored his first win of the year in the WQKT Mini Stock feature as his Thompson’s Garage, Classic Car Wash, and Tiger Trucking # 17 lead from start to finish. Team mate Billy Parsons ran second as Lester Berry, Jason King and Doug Hensel wheeled and dealed all race long before finishing in that order. Thompson and Parsons topped the heat races.

For the second week in a row, the NAPA Mini Wedge action was swept by Coshocton’s Braxton Wilson as the Morehouse Logging, A & B Construction #28 Wedge led for all but one lap in the feature. Tanner McLoughlin squeezed into the lead on lap seven but Wilson reclaimed it on the next lap. McLoughlin spun out on the last lap giving up a top five spot. Zoe Stafford finished second with Lucas Thomas, Robbie Ledger and Matthew Moore getting the top five finishes. Doug Drown Motorsports donated $50 to Wilson for winning.

Next Saturday, May 10th, the BOSS Wingless Sprints will make the first of their two visits to NAPA WCS with all other divisions in action also. All Ladies will get in for $2 off for Mothers Day. Keep up with all the news about the track on the website at


Saturday, May 3, 2014


Fast Qualifier Doug Drown 17.151

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Doug Drown, JR Gentry, Shane McLoughlin, David Liles, Ben Mott, Jacob Myers, Jeremy Canada

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Garrett Krummert, Larry Kingseed, Blaine Aber, Don Conley, Ryan Missler, Matt Irey

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Brad Malcuit, Ryan Markham, Allan Baker, Jim Nicely, Jerry Aber, Mike Bores

Feature Ryan Markham, JR Gentry, Doug Drown, Blaine Aber, Don Conley, Ben Mott, Jeremy Canada, Garrett Krummert, Allan Baker, Brad Malcuit, Jim Nicely, Jacob Myers, Larry Kingseed, David Liles, Jerry Aber, Shane McLoughlin (dns), Ryan Missler (dns), Matt Irey (dns), Mike Bores (dns)


Fast Qualifier Andrew Palker 14.298 NTR

Saldana Racing Products Heat 1 Broc Martin, Andrew Palker, Pete Grove, Shawn Hubler, Jamie Myers, Bill Ault, Adam Kekich

Saldana Racing Products Heat 2 Jason Dolick, Rob Chaney, Jack Sodeman Jr., Stuart Williams, Bryce Dickson, Scott Riley, Dennis Wagner

Fisher Performance Heat 3 Brad Haudenschild, Danny Mumaw, Dean Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Trey Jacobs, Nick Patterson

Feature Brad Haudenschild, Broc Martin, Dean Jacobs, Danny Mumaw, Jack Sodeman Jr., Jason Dolick, Pete Grove, Shawn Hubler, Stuart Williams, Jamie Myers, Rob Chaney, Dennis Wagner, Scott Riley, Trey Jacobs, Troy Kingan, Nick Patterson, Andrew Palker, Bryce Dickson, Bill Ault, Adam Kekich (dns)


Fast Qualifier Bob Daugherty 20.119

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Jeremy Lynch, Mitch Caskey, Paul McVicker, Brad Channel, Tyler Thompson, Bob Daugherty, Chris Albright, Derek Lewton (dns)

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Brandon Gardner, Nick Smith, Chase Alexander, Larry Baldwin, Paul Whitten, Chaz O’Dell, David Uhler

Feature Larry Baldwin, Mitch Caskey, Brandon Gardner, Chase Alexander, Paul Whitten, Jeremy Lynch, Chris Albright, Brad Channel, Chaz O’Dell, David Uhler, Paul McVicker, Nick Smith, Bob Daugherty, Tyler Thompson (dns), Derek Lewton (dns)


Heat 1 Greg Thompson, Adam Kern, James Rowe, Mitch Reichard, Randy Gibson, Paul Kern

Heat 2 Billy Parsons, Lester Berry, Brad Hensel, Doug Hensel, Jason King

Feature Greg Thompson, Billy Parsons, Lester Berry, Jason King, Doug Hensel, Adam Kern, Randy Gibson, James Rowe, Brad Hensel, Paul Kern, Mitch Reichard (dns)


Heat 1 Braxton Wilson, Tanner McLoughlin, Lucas Thomas, Robbie Ledger, Zoe Stafford, Caitlin Johnson, Matthew Moore, Billy Dawson

Feature Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Lucas Thomas, Robbie Ledger, Matthew Moore, Caitlin Johnson, Tanner McLoughlin, Billy Dawson