Orrville, Ohio
Friday, July 26, 2013
By Mike Swanger
A strong field of cars in all divisions with near perfect weather  conditions set up another exciting night of racing at NAPA Wayne County Speedway  on Bechtel Services Night presented by Ray’s Garage as Andre Layfield  took  command of the Fisher Performance Sprint feature from the outside front row at  the drop of the green flag. Kory Crabtree and Wooster’s Danny Mumaw would fall  in line behind Layfield with Mumaw taking second on lap four.
As the leaders  closed in on the back of the field on lap 10, Nick Ley spun, collecting Nick  Patterson, Pete Grove. who rolled over on his side, and Crabtree, who had to go  to the back of the field on the restart. As the green flag reappeared, Lee  Jacobs snuck by Mumaw for second only to have Mumaw reclaim second on the next  circuit and start to track down Layfield. Heading down the back stretch on lap  18, Mumaw and his Finishline Autobody, Hitchcock Excavating and Mumaw Tree &  Stump Service #16 dove low going into turn three to slide under Layfield and  pull off the power slide by coming out of turn four with the lead and then pull  away to win his third feature of the season as Layfield and Jacobs followed.  Broc Martin recovered from an early spin through the infield to take fourth from  fast qualifier Andrew Palker. Heat winners were Palker, Martin and Crabtree as  Wes McGlumphey topped the last chance race.
Just like Layfield did, Corey Conley grabbed the point from his second  starting position in the Lias Tire Late Model main with fifth starting Charlie  Duncan roaring past Ryan Markham, Mike Davis and Doug Drown and challenge Conley  for the lead on lap four. Conley would keep Duncan at bay as Doug Drown started  to pressure Duncan for second and take second at the halfway mark. Lapped  traffic started to be an issue with eight laps to go as Conley tried to work his  way through but with four laps to go, got hung up behind a slower car that  allowed fast qualifier Drown to move high and sneak past for the lead. Drown,  from Wooster, would weave the Weekley Electric, Wooster Glass and  Intrega  Shocks #63 through the back markers and to win his fourth feature at NAPA WCS.  Davis edged past Duncan on the last lap to take third as Brad Malcuit finished  fifth. Drown, Duncan and JR Gentry posted the heat wins.
Medina’s Larry Baldwin swept the Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks as he set  fast time, won his heat and lead all the way from his outside front row starting  position aboard his Midas Muffler, Baldwin Motorsports #7UP for his second win  of the year. As Baldwin cruised to the win it was a dogfight for second with  Todd Werntz, Shawn Cains and finally Jeremy Lynch having second place in their  clutches at one time or another. Werntz would end up third as Chase Alexander  edged by Cains with two laps to go for fourth. Werntz and Brandon Gardner also  picked up heat race wins.
Making his first appearance and doing double duty at NAPA WCS, Bellaire’s  Mike Davis took a liking to the track in the NAPA Modifieds as he also was the  fast qualifier, heat winner and went flag to flag from his pole sitting start to  win the feature after finishing third in the Late Model feature. Driving the RST  Excavating, Rosewood Manor #7m, Davis held off an early charge by Chris Basich  before distancing himself from the field. Basich, the other heat winner, would  finish second as Mark Gardiner out dueled Rob Stambaugh for third with Eric  Singhaus filling out the top five.
Greg Thompson of Millersburg worked his way into the lead by the end of the  opening circuit from his sixth starting position and then left the rest of the  field to battle for second as he put the Lochvale Farms #83t into victory circle  for his first WQKT Mini Stock win. As positions changed on every lap, Doug  Hensel secured second with three laps to go as Brad Hensel took third from Jason  Shaw on the last lap and Mike Rose edged out Jerry Adkins for fifth. Brad Hensel  and Thompson scored the heat wins.
Billy Dawson of Lakeville was going to be happy finishing second to Braxton  Wilson in the Mini Wedges but when heat winner Wilson spun with two laps to go  Dawson inherited the lead and held off a last lap run by Wilson to pocket his  first ever win driving the #7b wedge. Brooke Dawson, Billy’s sister finished  third with Kryssa Beagle and Zoe Stafford rounding out the top five.
Next week will be Kid’s Night at NAPA Wayne County Speedway as the gates  will open at 4 pm with all six divisions in action again.
Friday, July 26, 2013
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier  Andrew Palker   14.695
Saldana Racing Products Heat 1  Andrew Palker, Jamie Myers, Bob Lime,  Kirk Jeffries, Jimmy Pooler, Pete Grove, Wes McGlumphey, Kris Davis, Gary Feller  dns
Saldana Racing Products Heat 2  Broc Martin, Danny Mumaw, Lee Jacobs,  Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Jason Dolick, Matt Phillips, Chris Plascak, Lance  Webb
Fisher Performance Heat 3  Kory Crabtree, Andre Layfield, Chris Myers,  Mitch Harble, Butch Beasley, Nick Ley, Troy Kingan, Jerrod Feller dns
Last Chance Race   Wes McGlumphey, Pete Grove, Jason Dolick, Nick  Ley, Troy Kingan, Chris Plascak, Matt Phillips, Kris Davis, Jerrod Feller, Lance  Webb dns, Gary Feller dns
Feature   Danny Mumaw, Andre Layfield, Lee Jacobs, Broc Martin,  Andrew Palker, Kirk Jeffries, Mitch Harble, Jamie Myers, Kory Crabtree, Butch  Beasley, Bob Lime, Wes McGlumphey, Chris Myers, Jason Dolick, Jimmy Pooler,  Shawn Hubler. Nick Patterson, Nick Ley, Pete Grove, Troy Kingan
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier  Doug Drown  17.049
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1  Doug Drown, Mike Davis, Jason Flory,  Brad Malcuit, Blaine Aber, Allan Baker, Jerry Aber, Ricky Holderbaum
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2  Charlie Duncan, Corey Conley, Larry  Bellman, Brandon Gardner, Rick Bond, Josh Miller, Kyle Moore
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3  JR Gentry, Ryan Markham, Mike Basich,  Travis Mensching, Hiram Bachmann, Jason Skelly, Ty Myers
Feature   Doug Drown, Corey Conley, Mike Davis, Charlie Duncan,  Brad Malcuit, Brandon Gardner, Jason Flory, JR Gentry, Ryan Markham, Larry  Bellman, Mike Basich, Rick Bond, Blaine Aber, Allan Baker, Travis Mensching,  Hiram Bachmann, Josh Miller, Jerry Aber, Kyle Moore, Ty Myers, Jason Skelly,  Ricky Holderbaum
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier  Larry Baldwin   20.144
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1  Larry Baldwin, Brandon Craver, Tony  Cline, Paul Whitten, Tyler Nicely, Shawn Rutt, Bob Daugherty
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2  Todd Werntz, Todd Swim, Jeremy Lynch,  Todd Gallion, Chaz O’Dell, Mark Fergunson, Chuck Issac
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3  Brandon Gardner, Shawn Cains, Chase  Alexander, Dave Haven Jr., Dennis Amstutz, Gary McGregor, Howard Specht
Feature   Larry Baldwin, Jeremy Lynch, Todd Werntz, Chase  Alexander, Shawn Cains, Brandon Craver, Paul Whitten, Todd Swim, Dave Haven Jr.,  Chaz O’Dell, Tyler Nicely, Todd Gallion, Dennis Amstutz, Gary McGregor, Shawn  Rutt, Chuck Issac, Howard Specht, Mark Fergunson, Brandon Gardner, Bob Daugherty  dns
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier  Mike Davis  19.108
VP Racing Fuels Heat 1  Mike Davis, Eric Singhaus, Rick Mardis, Mike  Mizer, Hilton Eppley, Pauly Hess, Jim Nicely dns
VP Racing Fuels Heat 2  Chris Basich, John Sluka, Mark GardIner, Rob  Stambaugh, Bruce Takach, Tim Arnold, John Sutherland
Feature   Mike Davis, Chris Basich, Mark Gardiner, Rob Stambaugh,  Eric Singhaus, Mike Mizer, Tim Arnold. Pauly Hess, Hilton Eppley, Bruce Takach,  John Sutherland, John Sluka, Rick Mardis, Jim Nicely dns
Heat 1  Brad Hensel, Jason King, Jeff Barker, Blaine Markey, James  Priebe, Mitch Reichard, Colton St. John, Adam Kern, Doug Hensel, Logan  Martin
Heat 2  Greg Thompson, Jason Shaw, Mike Rose, Jerry Adkins, Casey  Butler, Lester Berry, Randy Gibson, Jeff Edwards, Jimmy Fitzwater, Jordan  James
Feature  Greg Thompson, Doug Hensel, Brad Hensel, Jason Shaw, Mike  Rose, Jerry Adkins, Jason King, Lester Berry, Blaine Markey, Colten St. John,  Adam Kern, Jimmy Fitzwater, Mitch Reichard, Casey Butler, Jeff Barker, Logan  Martin, Randy Gibson dns, James Priebe dns, Jeff Edwards dns, Jordan James  dns
Heat 1    Braxton Wilson, Billy Dawson, Logan Duncan, Zoe  Stafford, Kryssa Beagle, Brooke Dawson, Matthew Moore, Danny Selway
Feature  Billy Dawson, Braxton Wilson, Brooke Dawson, Kryssa Beagle,  Zoe Stafford, Danny Selway, Logan Duncan, Matthew Moore dns