Orrville, Ohio
Friday, August 16, 2013
By Mike Swanger

Season Championships and the rescheduled Kid’s Night sponsored by Dzugan Fire & Rescue along with perfect weather brought out a jammed packed pit area and a full house of fans at NAPA Wayne County Speedway Friday night. Wooster’s Jac Haudenschild would take the lead at the drop of the green flag for the Fisher Performance Sprints but at the end of the opening lap, the red flag would fly as Jamie Myers would go tumbling down the front stretch as he walked away from the end over end flip. Driving the Jamie Miller owned #6m, Haudenschild, returning to one of the tracks he started his career at, would take the field back to the green flag but a lap three spin by Brad Haudenschild would slow the pace again as Rob Chaney made contact with Brad’s car and short circuit Chaney’s night. Points leader and fast qualifier Andrew Palker would make a challenge on the ‘Wild Child’ on the next restart, but Haudenschild would steadily pull away and win by more than a half straightaway as Palker ran second and for the second week in a row, Travis Philo pocketed third.

Broc Martin and Danny Mumaw would go back and forth in the last five laps for third with Martin winning that race. Palker, Philo, Mumaw and Jac Haudenschild posted the heat wins as Shawn Hubler won the last chance race for the second week in a row. For the second straight year, Palker wins the points championship over Danny Mumaw.

Several cautions and a red flag for Shane McLoughlin, who rolled in turn three on lap three, kept the early pace of the Lias Tire Late Model main slowed down. Keith Berner would use his outside front row starting position to lead as sixth starting Doug Drown would quickly move into second during those early laps and as the green flag came out to stay, Drown of Wooster, would motor past Berner on lap eight and drive away in the Weekley Electric, Wooster Glass and DJ Directional Services #63 for his fifth win of the season at NAPA WCS. Corey Conley made a late run on Berner for second and as the two came out of turn four on the final lap,Conley squeezed by Berner for second and that would clinch the championship for Conley. Ryan Markham would hold off a pesky Brad Malcuit for fourth. Heat winners were Berner, Bryan Casey, Markham and Conley with Dave Hornikel pacing the last chance race.
Leading the NAPA Modified points, Adena’s Chris Basich had yet to find victory lane until Friday night as he would keep the T&S Electric and DFG Excavating #71c out front all race long to pick up the win and track championship. Numerous cautions kept the field bunched together as Hilton Eppley would finish second with heat winner Bruce Miller taking third with Mike Mizer and Jim Nicely filling out the top five. Dave Bodkins was the fast qualifier.
At times, the top three in the Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks were separated by just inches and three wide with Mitch Caskey, Bob Daugherty and Miamisburg’s Brandon Gardner, who started 12th, all after the win, Caskey would set the pace for the first five laps with Daugherty and Gardner flanking him as Daugherty would be the leader on laps six through twelve as Caskey inched back by on lap 13 but it was Gardner using the outside groove to edge past as the white flag waved to get past Caskey and then hang on for his fourth win and lock up the championship for the ROWTEC, Innovative Graphics and Schaeffer Oil #27g. Daugherty would finish third as all three were within a car length as they crossed the finish line. Don Baney and Todd Swim finished fourth and fifth. Fast qualifier Larry Baldwin, Daugherty and Caskey won the heat races.

A Hensel lead all the way in the WQKT Mini Stock Feature as Gary Hensel Jr. held off Don Rufener Jr. and Don Rufener III in the early laps as Brad Hensel drove into third on lap six, second on the next circuit and took the point for good on the next lap from Hensel Jr. to score his second win of the year. Rufener Jr. captured third as Jason Shaw motored past Rufener III on the next to last lap for fourth. A sixth place finish was good enough for Jeff Barker to claim the track championship. Shaw and Hensel Jr. paced the heat races.

Tanner McLoughlin took the lead on the second lap from Zoe Stafford and then held off a middle of the race challenge from Braxton Wilson to grab his fifth Mini Wedge victory of the season aboard the Zanesville based McLoughlin Auto Sales and Two Brothers Motorsports #59. Billy Dawson would finish second and Logan Duncan’s third place finish would lock up the track championship, as Danny Selway and Matthew Moore rounded out the top five. Blake Morris won the heat race.

Racing moves to Saturday night next week at NAPA Wayne County Speedway as the BOSS Wingless Sprints return with the Super Stock Nationals, Late Models, Modifieds, Mini Stocks and Wedges on the racing card. Go to the website at www.waynecountyspeedway.com for more info.

Friday, August 16, 2013
Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Andrew Palker 14.775
Saldana Racing Products Heat 1 Palker, Russ Sansosti, Brad Haudenschild, Mitch Harble, Aaron Fry, Shawn Minor, Kris Davis
Saldana Racing Products Heat 2 Travis Philo, Broc Martin, Bob Lime, Nick Patterson, Rodney Hurst, Aaron Middaugh, Pete Grove dns
Fisher Performance Heat 3 Danny Mumaw, Lee Jacobs, Rob Chaney, Jamie Myers, Shawn Hubler, Matt Phillips, Scott Riley
Heat 4 Jac Haudenschild, Kirk Jeffries, Jimmy Pooler, Jason Dolick, Troy Kingan, Jarrod Feller
L. C. #1 Shawn Hubler, Aaron Middaugh, Aaron Fry, Shawn Minor, Troy Kingan, Kris Davis, Scott Riley, Matt Phillips, Jarrod Feller, Rodney Hurst, Pete Grove dns
Feature Jac Haudenschild, Andrew Palker, Travis Philo, Broc Martin, Danny Mumaw, Kirk Jeffries, Lee Jacobs, Mitch Harble, Jimmy Pooler, Aaron Middaugh, Bob Lime, Shawn Hubler, Nick Patterson, Shawn Minor, Aaron Fry, Jason Dolick, Brad Haudenschild, Russ Sansosti, Rob Chaney, Jamie Myers

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Doug Drown 17.092
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Keith Berner, Doug Drown, Kyle Bates, Travis Mencshing, Dave Hornikel, Blaine Aber, Jimmy Morey, Jason Skelly
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Bryan Casey, JR Gentry, Larry Bellman, Rick Bond, Mike Bores, Tom Baker, Travis Leyda, Ricky Holderbaum
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, Charlie Duncan, Mike Basich, Jerry Aber, Hiram Bachmann, Allan Baker
Heat 4 Corey Conley, David Liles, Kyle Moore, Jason Hinton, Josh Miller, Brandon Gardner, Shane McLoughlin
L. C. #1 Dave Hornikel, Shane McLoughlin, Mike Bores, Josh Miller, Allan Baker, Brandon Gardner, Blaine Aber, Hiram Bachmann, Jerry Aber, Jason Skelly, Ricky Holderbaum, Travis Leyda, Jimmy Morey, Tom Baker
Feature Doug Drown, Corey Conley, Keith Berner, Ryan Markham, Brad Malcuit, Kyle Bates, Rick Bond, Charlie Duncan, Mike Bores, Travis Mensching, Mike Basich, David Liles, Josh Miller, Bryan Casey, Dave Hornikel, Kyle Moore, JR Gentry, Jason Hinton, Shane McLoughlin, Allan Baker

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Larry Baldwin 20.460
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Baldwin, Don Baney, Paul Holmes, Jeremy Lynch, Dave Haven Jr., Chaz O’Dell, Gary McGregor, Don Rutt, Todd Gallion
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Bob Daugherty, Todd Werntz, Tony Cline, Paul Whitten, Tyler Nicely, Brandon Craver, Chuck Issac, Terrence Metz dns
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Mitch Caskey, Todd Swim, Chase Alexander, Brandon Gardner, Dennis Amstutz, David Moreland, Dave McMillian, Paul McVicker
Feature Brandon Gardner, Mitch Caskey, Bob Daugherty, Don Baney, Todd Swim, Paul Whitten, Brandon Craver, Dave Haven Jr., Tyler Nicely, Tony Cline, Jeremy Lynch, Chaz O’Dell, Dave McMillian, David Moreland, Don Rutt, Chuck Issac, Todd Gallion, Paul Holmes, Larry Baldwin, Dennis Amstutz, Chase Alexander, Todd Werntz, Paul McVicker, Gary McGregor dns, Terrence Metz dns

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Dave Bodkins 19.667
VP Racing Fuel Heat 1 Bodkins, Nathan Loney, Chris Basich, Bruce Miller, Mark Gardiner, Hilton Eppley, Jim Nicely, Mike Mizer, Bob Page, Dwayne Duffield, Pauly Hess, Justin Morey dns
Feature Chris Basich, Hilton Eppley, Bruce Miller, Mike Mizer, Jim Nicely, Mark Gardiner, Pauly Hess, Dwayne Duffield, Dave Bodkins, Nathan Loney, Bob Page, Justin Morey dns

Heat 1 Jason Shaw, Lester Berry, Brad Hensel, Jeff Barker, Adam Kern, Tony Mullinex, Blaine Markey, Tammy Rufener
Heat 2 Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rufener III, Don Rufener Jr., Mitch Reichard, Tim Workman, Kevin Markey, Jimmy Fitzwater
Feature Brad Hensel, Gary Hensel Jr., Don Rufener Jr., Jason Shaw, Don Rufener III, Jeff Barker, Tim Workman, Kevin Markey, Adam Kern, Tony Mullinex, Blaine Markey, Mitch Reichard, Jimmy Fitzwater, Lester Berry, Tammy Rufener dns

Heat 1 Blake Morris, Braxton Wilson, Logan Duncan, Kryssa Beagle, Brooke Dawson, Billy Dawson, Matthew Moore, Tanner McLoughlin, Zoe Stafford, Danny Selway
Feature Tanner McLoughlin, Billy Dawson, Logan Duncan, Danny Selway, Matthew Moore, Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Brooke Dawson, Blake Morris, Kryssa Beagle