Wayne County Speedway Story and Results: Friday, August 23rd – Haudenschild BOSS Winner!


Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, August 24, 2013
By Mike Swanger

Starting third behind the father- son duo of Chad and Chuck Wilson, Wooster’s Sheldon Haudenschild grabbed the lead on lap one and sailed away from the field to win his second BOSS feature win at NAPA Wayne County Speedway this season. Driving the Buckeye Machine and Ray Marshall Motorsports #33m, Haudenschild matched his win from back in May as he built up a half a track lead midway of the 25 lap event and even though he would encounter lapped traffic and brake issues late in the race, would beat Boss points leader Brandon Spithaler to the finish line with a straightaway margin. Spithaler started sixth and moved into the runner up position on lap four past Chad Wilson as Aaron Middaugh would take third on the next circuit. Mike Miller and Michael Fischesser would power past Wilson on lap nine and finish out fourth and fifth. Middaugh and Spithaler topped the heat races. Check out www.buckeyesprints.com for more info.

28 cars checked into the pits for the Thrifty Muffler Super Stock Nationals with $1,000 to win the 30 lap race as Medina’s Larry Baldwin popped into the lead at the drop of the green flag from his outside front row starting position and controlled the whole race for his 4th win of the season. Jim Nicely, who was driving the Todd Gallion owned #51, Kyle Dickinson and Todd Swim all battled for second until the start of lap 11 when Nicely’s engine blew just past the flagstand, sending up a blinding smoke cloud as Tony Cline smashed into the back of Nicely with others barely avoiding contact. Both drivers were able to walk away from the red flag incident. On the restart, Dickinson’s ride developed engine woes and would eventually pull off giving Baldwin some breathing room as Matt Shroyer would take over second but could not track down the Midas and Baldwin Motorsports #7up of Baldwin. Nick Smith was right behind Shroyer on the restart and the battled off fast qualifier Rusty Redman for third as Swim held on to fifth. Dickinson, Baldwin, Rob Parker and Shroyer posted the heat wins as Paul Holmes won the last chance race.
Doug Drown has pulled into NAPA WCS six times this year and has left with six checkered flags aboard the Weekley Electric, Wooster Glass and DJ Directional Services #63. Starting third in the Lias Tire Late Model main, it took the Wooster driver one lap to get past the front row of Shane McLoughlin and Larry Bellman. Ryan Markham would move into third on lap five and George Lee would slide past Bellman for fourth on the next lap and Brad Malcuit edged past Bellman on lap ten for fifth. Lee and Malcuit would go back and forth for fourth in the middle portion of the race as fast qualifier Drown was increasing his lead lap after lap. With five to go, Markham challenged McLoughlin for second and on the last lap overpowered McLoughlin to secure second as Lee did the same to Malcuit for fourth. Winning the heat races were Drown, McLoughlin and Bellman.

Fast qualifier David Bodkins drew the #1 pill to start on the pole of the NAPA Modified feature and set the pace for the opening two laps but as he was coming out of turn four on lap three, spun and gave up the lead. Kevin Morehouse would take over and then held off a challenge by Aaron Scott during the last two laps to park the Ports Petroleum, Sam’s Used Cars and Morehouse Logging #28 in victory circle. It would be the third win for the Newark driver this season. The two heat winners would be followed in the feature by 2013 season champion Chris Basich, Kyle Brown and Jim Nicely.

Millersburg’s Greg Thompson took the Troutman Kutz & Kennels, E.A. Constuction, Lochevale Farms #83t from pole position to winners circle for the second time this year in the WQKT Mini Stock feature. Heat winner Blaine Markey took over second on lap three from Lester Berry and then hounded Thompson all race long but never could swipe the lead away. Berry and Jason King would wheel and deal for third late in the race before King won out for third with Mike Rose taking fifth.

Matthew Moore and Braxton Wilson won the Mini Wedge heat to start on the front row of the feature with Wilson taking the lead at the drop of the green and drive to his second win aboard the A & B Construction and Morehouse Logging #28. Zoe Stafford followed Wilson all the way as track champ Logan Duncan took third on lap three to finish there as Billy Dawson ran fourth followed by Kirstyn McLoughlin.

Racing continues next Sunday at NAPA Wayne County Speedway with the UNOH All Star Sprints along with the Lias Tire Late Models and the Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks. The day will start out with the first ever Kick It Classic to raise money for children’s cancer research. A silent auction and other entertainment will be happening beginning at 11 am. For more information about the Kick It Classic, call Aron Isenhart at 330-814-8062.

Saturday, August 24, 2013
Heat 1 Aaron Middaugh, Chuck Wilson, Mike Miller, Chad Wilson, Johnny Beaber, Mike Galadja, Francis Sesco, Steve Little, Joe Liguori
Heat 2 Brandon Spithaler, Adam Miller, Michael Fischesser, Sheldon Haudenschild, Tony Beaber, Kirk Jeffries, Butch Beasley, Chris Plascak
Feature Sheldon Haudenschild, Brandon Spithaler, Aaron Middaugh, Mike Miller, Michael Fischesser, Kirk Jeffries, Chad Wilson, Adam Miller, Mike Galadja, Tony Beaber, Chuck Wilson, Francis Sesco, Chris Plascak, Steve Little, Butch Beasley, Johnny Beaber, Joe Liguori dns

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Rusty Redman 20.550
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Kyle Dickinson, Rusty Redman, Nick Smith, Brandon Craver, Don Baney, Shawn Cains, Chuck Issac
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Larry Baldwin, Tony Cline, Chase Alexander, Tim Myers, Tyler Nicely, John Mager, Paul Whitten
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Rob Parker, Todd Swim, Bob Daugherty, Ryan West, Paul Holmes, Steve Wolford, Josh Miller
Heat 4 Matt Shroyer, Jim Nicely, Dave Haven Jr., Brad Eagle, Don Rutt, John Disbennent, Tim Penley
L. C. #1 Paul Holmes, Don Baney, Shawn Cains, Steve Wolford, Tyler Nicely, Tim Penley, Paul Whitten, Josh Miller, John Mager, Don Rutt, John Disbennent, Chuck Issac
Feature Larry Baldwin, Matt Shroyer, Nick Smith, Rusty Redman, Todd Swim, Chase Alexander, Paul Holmes, Rob Parker, Brandon Craver, Steve Wolford, Tyler Nicely, Ryan West, Tim Myers, Bob Daugherty, Shawn Cains, Kyle Dickinson, Brad Eagle, Don Baney, Jim Nicely, Tony Cline

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier Doug Drown 17.107
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Doug Drown, George Lee, Ritchie Taylor, Don Conley, Rick Bond, Charlie Duncan, Blaine Aber, Thomas Baker
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Shane McLoughlin, Ryan Markham, Kyle Moore, David Liles, Travis Mensching, Allan Baker, Jerry Aber dns
Summit Racing Equipment Heat 3 Larry Bellman, Brad Malcuit, Chester Elliot, Josh Miller, Randy Pollock, Hiram Bachmann, JR Gentry
Feature Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, Shane McLoughlin, George Lee, Brad Malcuit, Larry Bellman, Charlie Duncan, Kyle Moore, David Liles, Travis Mensching, Blaine Aber, Josh Miller, Ritchie Taylor, Randy Pollock, JR Gentry, Rick Bond, Hiram Bachmann, Don Conley, Allan Baker, Thomas Baker, Chester Elliot, Jerry Aber dns

Dzugan Fire & Rescue Fast Qualifier David Bodkins 19.484
VP Racing Fuels Heat 1 Aaron Scott, David Bodkins, Bruce Miller, Chris Basich, Mike Mizer, Tory Gibbs, Tyler Evans, Brock Burcher, Bryan Metterle
VP Racing Fuels Heat 2 Kevin Morehouse, Nathan Loney, John Sluka, Kyle Brown, Jim Nicely, Josh Morrow, Robert Page, Justin Morey, Jason Morey
Feature Kevin Morehouse, Aaron Scott, Chris Basich, Kyle Brown, Jim Nicely, Robert Page, Justin Morey, John Sluka, Tory Gibbs, Mike Mizer, Josh Morrow, Bruce Miller, Tyler Evans, David Bodkins, Brock Burcher, Nathan Loney, Bryan Metterle, Jason Morey dns

Heat 1 Blaine Markey, Greg Thompson, Lester Berry, Jason King, Mike Rose, Doug Hensel, Jimmy Fitzwater, Tony Mullinex, Ron Hamlin dns
Feature Greg Thompson, Blaine Markey, Jason King, Lester Berry, Mike Rose, Doug Hensel, Jimmy Fitzwater, Tony Mullinex, Ron Hamlin dns

Heat 1 Matthew Moore, Robbie Ladger, Kyler Wolford, Danny Selway, Billy Dawson, Brooke Dawson
Heat 2 Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Logan Duncan, Kirstyn McLoughlin, Nick Large, Evan Large
Feature Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Logan Duncan, Billy Dawson, Kirstyn McLoughlin, Matthew Moore, Danny Selway, Nick Large, Brooke Dawson, Evan Large, Kyler Wolford, Robbie Ladger