Lernerville winner – Danny Smith. Fully Injected had 3 finish in the top 5 this evening; fantastic job! Danny Holtgraver 2nd- Rod George 4th – Brandon Matus 5th! More details Monday in the Monday Night Review!

Williams Grove – Fred Rahmer wins the Outlaw Tuneup!

Eldora Speedway – Joey Saldana wins night number one. Hafertepe was 2nd and Donny Schatz was 3rd.

KISS event at Bloomington Speedway – Brady Short winner.

Cancelled: USAC National Sprint Car Series event at Lincoln Park Speedway orginially scheduled for this Saturday has been postponed to a later date; grounds still too saturated for safe race conditions. The ASCS National Series event at Riverside International Speedway for this Saturday has also been cancelled due to regional flooding. The Rock ‘N Roll 50 still has a possibility¬†of being rescheduled.