‘The Man From Austintown’ looks to beat the all powerful Mother Nature this weekend, as she has been the only competition that Justin Whitesell has faced up against in the last two weeks. The ‘Outlaw Sprint Warrior’ competitor at Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania hasn’t been in action since Saturday, April 7th; leaving the 20 year old, Kent State University student antsy and impatient. ‘Mother Nature’ has taken two consecutive weeks of racing away from the Mercer, PA 3/8’s mile oval. 

“We are ready to get back to the track” explained Team Fully Injected’s Justin Whitesell, “We had two rain outs in a row at Mercer Raceway Park…it actually allowed us to change quite a few things that we have been wanting to do…but now that we have that all figured out, we are ready to go racing again!” 

Justin Whitesell finished 3rd in the main event during Mercer Raceway Park’s ‘opening night’ for the ‘Outlaw Sprint Warriors’ back on April 7th. The Austintown, Ohio team will race at Mercer Raceway Park on a weekly basis in 2012; while making occasional appearances at surrounding facilities that offer their division. Lernerville Speedway in Sarver, Pennsylvania will welcome the ‘Outlaw Sprint Warrior’ class later in the season. Points will begin at Mercer Raceway Park this Saturday night – April 28th. 

“We had a really good opening night at Mercer charging from 10th to 3rd in our feature” explained Justin, “We are still learning a lot about our new chassis and motors…hopefully we can race this weekend and put that knowledge to use!

Check out Justin Whitesell’s new online home at www.whitesellracing.com! 

Stay Tuned!