The World Series Sprintcars will be back in action next Monday, December 26th for the first night of their annual ‘speedweek’ portion of the 2011/2012 schedule.  The premiere Australian sprintcar series will race five events at five different tracks over a seven night period; beginning on Boxing Day at Speedway City in Adelaide, Australia. From there, the series competitors will travel to Murray Bridge for one night of action on Tuesday, December 27th.

On Wednesday night the 28th, James McFadden and the rest of the full-time WSS travelers will head to Borderline Speedway in Mt. Gambier, Australia for night no. 3 of WSS speedweek.

A night off on December 29th will allow the series drivers and teams to regroup, as they head for event no.4 on the schedule at Avalon Raceway – Friday, December 30th. The 2011/2012 speedweek schedule will come to a close on Sunday, January 1st at Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway.

Speedweek schedule: 

26/12/2011 Speedway City, Adelaide

27/12/2011 Murray Bridge Speedway

28/12/2011 Borderline Speedway, Mt Gambier

30/12/2011 Avalon Raceway

01/01/2012 Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway

 James McFadden is the current WSS point leader heading into speedweek competition. Ian Madsen, Robbie Farr, American- Jason Johnson, and Trevor Green, round out the top five in the current standings. McFadden’s lead over Madsen is only 28 points heading into Boxing Day action at Adelaide.