Cole Duncan Wins at Wayne County Speedway: Full Evening Results!

Duncan, Hensel Sr, Aronhalt and B. Hensel winners at NAPA Auto Parts WCS

Orrville, Ohio (July 13, 2012) Once again the racing at NAPA Auto Parts Wayne County Speedway was action packed as Santmyer Oil night found a first time winner in victory lane and a father son team who picked up the wins in two separate divisions.

In the Fisher Performance 410 Sprints Cole Duncan jumped out to the early lead from the outside front row just ahead of Duane Zablocki, Rob Chaney, Andrew Palker, Chris Myers, Danny Mumaw and Broc Martin. On the second lap Martin spun out and collecting Lee Jacobs. On lap five the red flag flew for Chris Smith who spun out and was t-boned by Butch Beasley who couldn’t avoid Smith. On lap eight Chaney retired for the evening with mechanical issues while he was running third. By lap twelve Duncan who was setting a blistering pace began passing lapped traffic. On lap fifteen Zablocki who was running second blew a left rear tire nearly causing Palker to crash as his tire came apart in front of the field. Zablocki returned to the action only to dive to the infield as the field took the green flag, with mechanical issues. The green flag dropped and the racing heated up. Palker and Mumaw sliced and diced for second place as they traded slide jobs. Mumaw took second from Palker and set his sights on Duncan. Mumaw was too little too late as the checker flew for Duncan who won his first feature at WCS. He was followed by Mumaw, Palker, Myers, Dolick, Jamie Myers and Aaron Fry. Palker and Duncan won heat races.


In the Bremenour Electric Modifieds DJ Cline and Dave Bodkins brought the field to the green flag. Before a lap was completed the caution flew for Sid Danals who spun. Under caution Cline returned pitside with a flat tire. He returned to action but had to re-start from the tail of the field. This moved up Norm Aronhalt to the outside front row starting position. Aronhalt blasted to the lead just ahead of Bodkins, Mark Dickson, Travis Dickson and Jeff Johnson. Aronhalt held the lead but Travis Dickson appeared slightly faster than the cars in front of him and he began applying pressure to his father Mark. T. Dickson looked high and got a great run off turn two but M. Dickson slammed the door shut and kept T. Dickson at bay. On lap twelve Cline who earlier went to the tail had slipped past Bruce Miller for sixth place and was digging for more. On lap eighteen the caution again flew erasing a nine second lead for Aronhalt for Charlie Summers who spun. When the green flag flew it set up a green white checkers. T. Dickson still searching for traction found the highside to his liking and got beside M. Dickson for third place. When the cars crossed the finish line it was Aronhalt taking the win, Bodkins narrowly finished second ahead of T. Dickson, M. Dickson and Johnson. Cline and M. Dickson won heat races.


In the Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks Jeremy Dickerson motored to the lead in front of Chase Alexander, Gary Hensel, Brandon Craver and Josh Miller. Things were getting exciting as Dennis Amstutz, Jamie Gibbs and Todd Gallion raced three wide for position on lap five. It didn’t last long as Amstutz spun bringing out the caution. On lap seven Alexander caught Dickerson and began pressuring the leader. With Alexander plastered to his rear bumper Dickerson and Alexander battled for the lead position. On lap nine Alexander dove under Dickerson to take the lead. The caution flew on lap thirteen for Don Baney who spun. Under caution Dickerson’s collided with Alexander ending both their night on the wreckers and handing the lead to Hensel. When the racing resumed Miller pressured Craver for second but was unable to complete the pass. Taking his first checker flag this season was Hensel, he was followed by Craver, Miller, Roger Drouhard, Don Baney and Todd Gallion. Dickerson and Craver took the heat wins.


For the Mini Stock Mayhem it was Brad Hensel who jumped to the front of the pack and took the early lead ahead of Moose Workman, Gary Hensel, Doug Hensel and Jason King. Fourth starting Jerry Adkins had trouble on the initial start and fell back to tenth place on the first lap. On lap three Doug Hensel slipped around Brad Hensel to take the lead. By lap six Adkins worked his way to third position and began chasing down Brad Hensel for second. It was a tight battle for the lead as both Hensel and Adkins battled it out. Another three way battle waging this time for the fourth position as Tyler Wiles, Dustin Daughtery and Lester Berry fought hard for position. On lap fourteen Adkins dove under Brad Hesel to take the second position, but Brad fought back to take it back from Adkins. For the next four laps both Doug and Brad Hensel fought door handle to door handle swapping the lead each lap. At the finish line it was Brad Hensel taking the win just ahead of Doug Hensel, Adkins, Wiles, Daughtery and Berry. Brad Hensel and Adkins were your heat race winners. Special thanks to Gary Hensel, Royal Mast and Tom Ogle of Ogle Auto Sales for sponsoring the Mini Stock Mayhem event.  


For additional information contact Jason or Kristin Flory at: 330-465-2365, or email at For news, updates and schedule visit the Wayne County Speedway website at Wayne County Speedway is located nine miles east of Wooster, or 15 miles west of Massillon on US Rt. 30, then one mile north on Carr Road.


Fisher Performance 410 Sprints (19 Cars)

Heat #1

1.  Andrew Palker 2. Rob Chaney 3. Danny Mumaw 4. Lee Jacobs 5. Jason Dolick 6. Mitch Harble 7. Jamie Myers 8. Chris Smith 9. Butch Beasley

Heat #2

1. Cole Duncan 2. Duane Zablocki 3. Chris Myers 4. Broc Martin 5. Aaron Fry 6. Shawn Hubler 7. Jimmy Pooler 8. Bryce Dickson


1. Cole Duncan 2. Danny Mumaw 3. Andrew Palker 4. Chris Myers 5. Jason Dolick 6. Jamie Myers 7. Aaron Fry 8. Mitch Harble 9. Lee Jacobs 10. Bryce Dickson 11. Shawn Hubler 12. Jimmy Pooler 13. Duane Zablocki 14. Rob Chaney 15. Chris Smith 16. Butch Beasley 17. Broc Martin DNS: Nick Patterson (23), Nick Patterson (33)

Bremenour Electric Modifieds (15 Cars)

Heat #1

1. DJ Cline 2. Norm Aronhalt 3. Travis Dickson 4. Jeff Johnson 5. Bruce Miller 6. Ryan West 7. Vern Mardis 8. Bryan Metterle

Heat #2

1. Mark Dickson 2. Dave Bodkins 3. Nathon Loney 4. Kyle Brown 5. Sid Danals 6. Jim Nicely 7. Charlie Summers 8. Luke Freed


1.Norm Aronhalt 2. Dave Bodkins 3. Travis Dickson 4. Mark Dickson 5. DJ Cline 6. Jeff Johnson 7. Bruce Miller 8. Ryan West 9. Sid Danals 10. Nathon Looney 11. Vern Mardis 12. Charlie Summers 13. Luke Freed 14. Kyle Brown 15. Jim Nicely DNS: Bryan Metterle


Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks (17 Cars)

Heat #1

1. Jeremy Dickerson 2. Chase Alexander 3. Josh Miller 4. Don Baney 5. Gary McGregor 6. Todd Gallion 7. Tyler Nicely 8. Jamie Gibbs 9. Jeremy Lynch


1. Brandon Craver 2. Gary Hensel 3. Roger Drouhard 4. Dennis Amstutz 5. Gary Hoopingarner 6. Chris Albright 7. Paul Whitten DNS: Jon Sutherland


1. 1. Gary Hensel 2. Brandon Craver 3. Josh Miller 4. Roger Drouhard 5. Don Baney 6. Todd Gallion 7. Paul Whitten 8. Chris Albright 9. Jamie Gibbs 10. Tyler Nicely 11. Chase Alexander 12. Gary Hoopingarner 13. Dennis Amstutz 14. Jeremy Dickerson 15. DNS Jeremy Lynch, Jon Sutherland

Mini Stocks (13 Cars)

Heat #1

1. Brad Hensel 2. Gary Hensel 3. Jason King 4. Lester Berry 5. Jason Large 6. Ron Cogan 7. Mitch Reichard

Heat #2

1. Jerry Adkins 2. Moose Workman 3. Doug Hensel 4. Dustin Daugherty 5. Tyler Wiles 6. Jeremy Ross


1. Brad Hensel 2. Doug Hensel 3. Jerry Adkins 4. Tyler Wiles 5. Dustin Daugherty 6. Lester Berry 7. Jason Large 8. Jeremy Ross 9. Jason King 10. Ron Cogan 11. Gary Hensel Jr. 12. Moose Workman 13. Mitch Reichard