Three First Time Division Winners Take the Checkered Flag on Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Motor Speedway’s Opening NIght

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Ben Policz of Waynesburg, PA, took the checkered flag in the first feature race of the night. The Precise Racing Products Rush Crate Late Models saw a field of 16 cars when the green flag waved. Policz started on the pole, but lost the lead to fellow driver Justin Lamb on lap 4. Lamb and Policz battled it out, with Policz resuming the lead on lap 12 and never looking back. A former go kart driver, this is his first win the in Precise Racing Products Rush Crate Late Model Division. Rounding out the top five were Ryan Montgomery, Josh Holtgraver, Mike Reft and Tim Shaffer.

The Diehl of Robinson Dirt Car Super Late Models first regular season feature of the season had Jared Miley of South Park claiming victory. Miley passed Mike Pegher, Jr. on lap 3 and opened up a commanding lead. The Colussy Chevrolet/Brougher’s Machine Shop Rocket Chassis claimed the victory, followed by Ben Miley, Mike Pegher, Jr., Steve Baker, and John Mollick.

The Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman Division featured another first time division winner this night, when Robinson Township’s Christian Schneider took the checkered flag. Schneider was strong all night long, finishing first in his heat. He had the number two spot at the start of the race and took the lead from Nick Kocuba on lap 10. Jake Simmons finished second, followed by Craig Koteles, Dave Slade, and AJ Poljak.

The Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks feature event had a field of four cars at the start. Fan favorite Hannah Ramsey took the lead on lap 2 and ended up spinning just prior to crossing the finish line, allowing Steve Pyeritz of Brentwood to claim his first ever victory at PPMS.

Young Gun driver Devin Black of Oakdale finished first in the Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns Division feature. Devin and second place finisher Karlee Kovacs of Carnegie had a great race and were followed in the field by O.B. Huff, Jarrett Sugar, David Ostrander and Jonathon Miller.

Heat Finishes:
Diehl of Robinson Super Late Models
Heat 1:
Steve Baker, John Mollick, Colton Flinner, Ben Miley, Derek Stefanick, Mike Pegher, Jr., Tom Bateman
Heat 2:
Jared Miley, Alex Ferree, Tony Musolino, Jim Stephans, John Flinner, Bill Yohe
Precise Racing Products Rush Late Models
Heat 1:
Ryan Montgomery, Mike Reft, Mark Moats, Jr., Steve Beatty, Tim Shaffer, Brian Goebel, Tony White, Jake Gunn
Heat 2:
Josh Holtgraver, Ben Policz, Nico DaBecco, Justin Lamb, Bryant Hank, Dusty Curry, Ron Hall, Corey McPherson
Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman
Heat 1:
Christian Schneider, AJ Poljak, Jake Simmons, Todd Weldon, Ricky Steigerwald, Josh Langer, Joey Koteles, Don Black
Heat 2:
Brian Huchko, Charlie DiLoreto, Craig Koteles, Nick Kocuba, Dave Slade, Jared Westover, Bruce Pedman
Miley BP Car Wash
Steve Pyeritz, Gary Smith, Hannah Ramsey, Dylan Bolind, Bob Richmond

Feature Finishes:
Diehl of Robinson Super Late Models:
Jared Miley, Ben Miley, Mike Pegher, Jr., Steve Baker, John Mollick, Alex Ferree, John Flinner, Ryan Montgomery, Colton Flinner, Derek Stefanick, Tom Bateman, Bill Yohe
Precise Racing Products Rush Late Models:
Ben Policz, Ryan Montgomery, Josh Holtgraver, Mike Reft, Tim Shaffer, Dusty Curry, Justin Lamb, Mark Moats, Jr., Bryant Hank, Nico DaBecco, Corey McPherson, Ron Hall, Tony White, Brian Goebel, Steve Beatty, Jake Gunn
Sunoco Race Fuels Sportsman:
Christian Schneider, Jake Simmons, Craig Koteles, Dave Slade, AJ Poljak, Ricky Steigerwald, Todd Weldon, Josh Langer, Joey Koteles, Jared Westover, Nick Kocuba, Charlie DiLoreto, Brian Huchko
Miley BP Car Wash Hobby Stocks:
Steve Pyeritz, Hannah Ramsey, John Wiser, Dylan Bolind
Imperial Heights Garage Young Guns:
Devin Black, Karlee Kovacs, O.B. Huff, Jarrett Sugar, David Ostrander, Jonathon Miller

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