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Danny Holtgraver Mid-Winter Update: Ready For The All-Star Southern Swing!
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Pittsburgh, PA (1-14-2013) – Danny Holtgraver and B&R Racing are finding themselves closer and closer to the start of their 2013 campaign. The winter ‘off-season’ has allowed Holtgraver and his new team owners, Bryan Grove and Rob Hunter, to become more acquainted with each other; rapidly prepping the ’45’ team for All-Star competition.  The newly formed operation, lead by Crew Chief and Team Manager, Brian Kemenah, will begin their 2013 campaign with the All-Star Circuit of Champions at the Screven Motor Speedway in Sylvania, Georgia on Thursday, February 7th. From there, the Canton Erectors/Alternative Power Sources/DKW Transport/Berlin Natural Bakery no. 45 ’410′ sprint car team will venture further south to Ocala, Florida for two more nights of All-Star Circuit of Champions competition at the Bubba Raceway Park on Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th. The team will then wrap-up their southern swing with two more nights of All-Star action at the Volusia Speedway Park near Daytona, Florida on Wednesday and Thursday, February 13th and 14th. Although the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars will be at Volusia Speedway Park from the 15th – 17th, no official word regarding B&R Racing’s participation has been released. 

“We are really excited to get things rolling in Georgia and Florida” explained Holtgraver, “This ’45’ team has been working really hard getting the cars together and getting the entire team prepared for the upcoming season… we have all been doing our part in getting this team ready…Bryan Grove and Rob Hunter have given me a great opportunity and I can’t thank them enough…hopefully we can make some noise early-on in the season and make a run for the All-Star championship!” 

Although no permanent schedule has been released regarding Danny Holtgraver and B&R Racing as of today, one thing is for certain; the B&R Racing ’45’ program will be competing for an All-Star Circuit of Champions ‘championship.’ The team’s main focus in 2013 will be the entire All-Star Circuit of Champions’ schedule; while also picking and choosing other select events to hit and miss; including select local, regional, and World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series signature events. 

“We are definitely going to be running all of the All-Star stuff” said Holtgraver about 2013, “As far as everything else, nothing is set in stone…we would like to race a lot of Outlaw shows and bigger ‘360’ shows but only time will tell…everything is coming together nicely…I’m waiting for my helmet to get done at Ballistic Designs and I’ll be ready to go!” 

 Information regarding Danny Holtgraver and B&R Racing will be posted regularly right here at ‘www.fullyinjected.com Presented by Schaeffer’s Racing Oil & Doug Smith’ during the entire 2013 season. Be sure to check out the official online home of Danny Holtgraver at www.dannyholtgraver.com; as well as keep up with the Pittsburgh native via social networks including twitter: @holtgraverd4 and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DannyHoltgraverMotorsports


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