Most of  Team ‘Fully Injected’ started off their seasons tonight at the Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania – with a few competing at the Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio with the All Star Circuit of Champions. Most results were pleasant with some having  just a touch of bad luck, mostly resulting from racecar parts not working properly. But, the season is early and that stuff will happen. If mistakes are going to happen and parts malfunction; this is a better time of year for that to occur- absolutely.

Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania finally had the opportunity to open their track gates and allow the season to begin. 17-410ci sprinters filled the Mercer, PA facility – where most of the Fully Injected team was represented. Rod George of Rod George Racing, whom by the way is celebrating 30 years of competition this summer, Brandon Matus of Matus Motorsports, and Scott Priester of Dionise Racing, all competed at the Mercer Raceway Park for their first night of 2011 competition. Scott Priester – who can be seen above wearing his brand new FI t – started off his season with a touch of the previously discussed bad luck. Scott would start things off with a slight roll over in the heat race – suffering some minor wing damage. Lady luck would strike Scott again later on in the evening; only this time, the loss of power steering was the issue, which in return would end his evening. Things could have definitely went better for the 25 year veteran. A 15th place finish was the overall outcome.

Speaking of veteran, Rod George had similar issues from the result of ‘crappy’ luck.  Starting the night out with a heat race victory, things would quickly turn for the worse. The Kittanning, Pennsylvania  resident and native suffered from issues relating to the steering mechanism of the car. While running third on the fourteenth lap, he decided to pull off the racetrack because of a problem with the car’s power steering. The problem was noticed by Rod on the initial start, but instead of pulling off, the 30 year veteran decided to try and ride it out and cope with the problem. The results would be unpleasant, 14th,-  but; next week is another week and both Scott Priester and Rod George will get to try it again. Brandon Spithaler was the winner at Mercer Raceway Park with Bob Felmlee, Carl Bowser, Dolick, and Ruth rounding out the top 5.

On a more positive note, Danny Holtgraver scored his first top 5 finish of 2011 with a solid 5th place finish at the Attica Raceway Park during the first round of the Ohio Region All Star Circuit of Champions schedule. The top 5 performance was among some pretty tough company as Dale Blaney would come out on top as your winner, with Paul McMahan and Joey Saldana rounding out the top 3.  Danny will be running all of the Ohio Region races that the All Star schedule is offering in 2011. The Ohio Region is also made up of the traditional Ohio Speedweek shows, which will be coming up in a few months. Congrats to the Pittsburgh native on his top 5 performance.

All four KKR teams were in the house at Attica; with Brad Sweet making a semi rare appearance in his #49 Ollies Bargain Outlet sprinter. All four teammates, including Joey Saldana, Paul McMahan, Cody Darrah, and Brad Sweet, would make the feature line up out of the 48 entries that signed in. Our crewman member, Kolten Gouse, also spent his evening at Attica- but with the #9 Redbull Maxim driven by Joey Saldana. Congrats to Kolten and the rest of the KKR #9 Redbull crew and their top 3 performance.

Brandon Matus of Matus Motorsports decided to kick off his 2011 season in a good way – gathering  in a solid top 10 finish at the Mercer Raceway Park opener and crossing the line with an 8th place finish. Brandon and his father, Brent, who is also his teammate, both had top 10 finishes at MRP on the opening evening of competition. Brandon will use this momentum and push for another solid finish at Lernerville Speedway next Friday night. Congratulations to Brandon.

Thanks to all of these guys for supporting FI! Can’t wait until next weekend!

Stay Tuned for the Monday Night Review! –