Over the years, I have been able to meet some amazing people and develop lasting friendships. Over the course of the past 2 years, I have been a library science student at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania, where I have been earning my Master’s Degree in Library Science. As as student, I was privileged to meet some very interesting and inspiring individuals, who I still remain very good friends with. Mathew Godissart, who is now the Director of the Juniata County Library in Mifflintown, Pennsylvania, was one of my classmates at Clarion and a very close friend of mine. After an entertaining weekend catching up with Matt and some other past classmates, he and I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to bring open wheel racing to his library shelves, which in return, would allow the patron population to have access to an open wheel racing publication.

One really beneficial factor that the library, which Matt directs, has is that it’s relatively close to a nearby half mile dirt oval known as Port Royal Speedway. Port Royal Speedway, which is also the home of the Juniata County Fair held every early September and the famous Tuscarora 50, holds 410ci sprintcar competition every Saturday night during the racing season; where many of the Pennsylvania Posse spend their Saturday nights competing against a talented field of cars.

I decided, along with those also involved here at Fully Injected, to donate money towards a multi year subscription to the Sprintcar and Midget Magazine, which is published monthly, so that it may be placed on the Juniata County Library shelves. Library patrons who may be race fans, along with library patrons who are not, will now have the access and the opportunity to read one of the nation’s top open wheel publications – according to my personal opinion. Those who reside close to the Juniata County Library and attend the weekly races, will now have access to the periodical free of charge. With this periodical being added to the library shelves, the hopeful intentions of catching the eyes of those who do not attend the nearby racetrack and intriguing them to do so becomes more practical.

Mr. Godissart is also the proud new owner of a Fully Injected hat!

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