BYRAM, Conn. (May 21, 2020) – As the chckrd community continues to grow, subscribers are beginning to talk, and to no user’s surprise, the talk is consistently positive.

With much of the app’s recent growth coming from the devoted dirt community, chckrd Founder and Crew Chief, Chris Muller, has been keeping a close ear on what subscribers have to say. With the intent to maintain the app’s mission in providing subscribers with an all-racing, distraction-free environment, Muller understands it’s vital to pay attention to the end users and listen to what they have to say.

Muller states, “This was built for the racing community. Who are we to tell them what their community app should or shouldn’t be? Chckrd is the platform. The way it looks and works is really up to the members, they’re the ones that spend time on the app and we are dedicated to shaping it to their needs and wants.”

Jonestown, Pennsylvania’s Brock Zearfoss, a sprint car phenom who owns All Star Circuit of Champions, World of Outlaws and large-paying open victories, was one of the first full-time racers to subscribe to chckrd.

“I think it’s a great app. It’s clean, it’s easy; it’s exactly what racing needs,” said Zearfoss. “I find myself getting on chckrd as often as I get on any other social media app. I enjoy scrolling through the straightaway page and looking at what people have to say. It’s nice to scroll and just see racing. That’s pretty tough to do anywhere else.”

St. Helena, California’s Rico Abreu, another open wheel star who made his name winning some of the nation’s biggest grassroots events including the coveted Chili Bowl Midget Nationals on multiple occasions, also provided some positive insight.

“I hope more people get involved and the app takes off. Other apps get really cluttered and it’s easy to lose your place. chckrd gives the racers and fans somewhere else to go,” Abreu stated. “It’s really clean and easy to scroll through to see what everyone is posting. Chris (Muller) is a really passionate guy. If anyone is able to make something like this work, it’s Chris Muller. He’s open to what people have to say and is always working to improve the app.”

Muller continued, “Last Friday, a member suggested we start a Micro Sprint Group and we had it up and running by Tuesday. We just launched the Crew Group off of a recommendation, as well.”

The ‘Texas Traveler’ T.J. Michael, a recent FAST Series winner in the winged sprint car ranks, as well as Danny Dietrich, the 2019 Williams Grove Speedway sprint car champion, also spoke up on chckrd’s behalf, each giving full approval.

“It’s another place for racers to showcase their partners. And it’s a perfect place for people to go who are seeking ways to help racers. We hope to take full advantage of it,” Michael said. “Plus, it’s fun. It’s a win for everyone.”

“I see this going somewhere,” Dietrich expressed. “Content can get lost pretty quickly on the big social media pages. chckrd is pretty cut-n-dry. What you see is what you get and what you see is racing. That’s what people are there for.”

About chckrd:
Launched in April of 2020, chckrd was developed for the sole purpose for which it was intended, motorsports. The subscription-based app gives the motorsports community a racing specific social platform to share information pertaining to everything on wheels. After subscribing and building a profile, users have the availability to join a variety of groups specific to their racing interests. In addition, members ultimately benefit racing, as portions of their subscription is designated to increase monthly purses. chckrd is currently available in the Android and Apple Marketplaces.

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