Williams Grove Speedway


Mechanicsburg – Williams Grove Speedway will present the 30th annual Jack Gunn Memorial Triple 20s for sprint cars on Friday night, August 31 at 7:30 pm.  

The races will be part of the 2012 Diamond Series at the track and will be pivotal in deciding the overall Williams Grove point title with each separate 20-lap race carrying full points. 

Fireworks and sidewinder sprints are also on the Friday night program. 

The event is raindated for Sunday night, September 2 at 7 pm.    

The Triple 20s have been a mainstay at the track since first being staged back in 2000 with the first Gunn Memorial going off back in 1983. 

The Gunn race has been run annually every year since in honor of the late, great, nationally recognized 1979 Promoter of the Year Gunn, who not only guided ovals like Williams Grove to worldwide fame but who also at times during his career held the reigns of tracks like Penn National, Selinsgrove and Hagerstown, Md. 

Fred Rahmer, Sean Michael and Todd Shaffer scored the 2000 triples while Bobby Allen took the first Gunn Memorial itself in 1983. 

This year’s triple 20s will pay $2,500 to win the first two features with the third and final main paying a hefty $5,000 to the winner. 

Time trials will lock the first 12 starters into the first feature with starters 13 – 22 coming out of a pair of qualifying races made up of the balance of the time-trialers.  

Starters 23 and 24 will be the highest drivers in Williams Grove points who have failed to already put themselves in the main during qualifying.  A starting invert of four, six or eight will be drawn.  

The finish of the first 20 will be used to lineup the second main event with an inversion of the first four, five or six rowns being drawn to set the field.  

The final feature will be lined up in order of money earned in the first two races with an invert of the top six money earners in effect.  

No driver has been more successful in the Gunn Memorial over the years than Don Kreitz Jr., who took his prestigious wins in 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 2010.  

The winner of the final triple 20 each year since the triples began in 2000 has been recorded as that year’s Gunn victor.  

Friday racing is slated to begin at 7:30 pm with gates opening at 5:30. 

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1983            Bobby Allen

1984            Randy Wolfe

1985            Doug Wolfgang

1986            Dave Blaney

1987            Doug Wolfgang

1988            Don Kreitz Jr.

1989            Kenny Jacobs

1990            Don Kreitz Jr.

1991            Frankie Kerr

1992            Don Kreitz Jr.

1993            Don Kreitz Jr.

1994            Don Kreitz Jr.

1995            Lance Dewease

1996            Lance Dewease

1997            Kevin Gobrecht

1998            Stevie Smith

1999            Kevin Gobrecht

2000            Todd Shaffer

2001            Keith Kauffman

2002            Lance Dewease

2003            Greg Hodnett

2004            Lucas Wolfe

2005            Jason Johnson

2006            Doug Esh

2007            Mark Smith

2008            Brian Leppo

2009            Daryn Pittman

2010            Don Kreitz Jr.

2011            Fred Rahmer 



2000        Fred Rahmer

Sean Michael

Todd Shaffer

2001        Todd Shaffer

Todd Shaffer

Keith Kauffman

2002        Fred Rahmer

Fred Rahmer

Lance Dewease

2003        Doug Esh

Fred Rahmer

Greg Hodnett

2004        Fred Rahmer

Lance Dewease

Lucas Wolfe

2005        Lucas Wolfe

Alan Cole

Jason Johnson

2006        Mark Smith

Lance Dewease

Doug Esh

2007        Fred Rahmer

Don Kreitz Jr.

Mark Smith

2008        Fred Rahmer

Doug Esh

Brian Leppo

2009        Greg Hodnett

Daryn Pittman

Daryn Pittman

2010        Daryn Pittman

Tyler Walker

Don Kreitz Jr.

2011        Brian Montieth

Lance Dewease

Fred Rahmer