Thirty-three traditional sprint cars packed Waynesfield Raceway Park for the 2nd annual “Dick Spencer Memorial” that found the BOSS traveling tour going up against the Waynesfield Buckeye Machine and Fabrication sprints. It was one of the finest fields of cars assembled in the midwest despite temperatures that were reported near 105 degrees.

For the seventh time in as many races, the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series saw a different winner grace victory lane as San Jose, California native, Thomas Meseraull roared from 9th starting spot aboard the Dave Stensland/SST Motorsports #41 to wage a torrid battle at the point and defeat Matt Westfall. Local favorite Westfall had grabbed the early lead from his outside front row starting spot and pulled away to a commanding margin. All eyes were on Meseraull and BOSS non wing rookie Andre Layfield as the pair were slicing through the field in a charge to the front. Layfield, in only his 5th ever non wing start, charged from 5th to 2nd all in the opening lap to trail Westfall, while Meseraull was caught up in an early war with Rod Henning and Dustin Smith.

Working lap #11, Meseraull was able to slide past Layfield for the runner-up spot and set his sights on Westfall who was now working into heavy lapped traffic. The race’s first caution flew on lap #13 when Devin Dobie coasted to a stop on the backstretch. On the restart, Meseraull tried Westfall high and low without success. Then the race’s second caution flew on lap #19 for a spun Cody Hewitt in turn 3 and 4. One final caution on lap #20 set up the final run to the checkers, and this time Meseraull got the jump he needed to pull off a slide job entering turn 1 but Westfall crossed over and the dynamic duo put on a “slide job clinic” at the point trading the lead several times over the last few laps.

Coming down to complete lap 23, the lead pair had battled so hard that Layfield, Kyle Simon, and Dustin Smith had all closed the gap and the top 5 were just a few car lengths apart. Meseraull finally took full command with a lap and a half remaining to defeat Westfall with Layfield barely edging a hard charging Kyle Simon for 3rd place while Dustin Smith used his 5th place finish to propel himself into the BOSS points lead. Kody Swanson, Rod Henning, Mike Brecht, Mike Miller, and Dallas Hewitt rounded out the top 10.

Heat race wins were taken by Layfield, Swanson, Brecht, and Brandon Spithaler. The twin B-Main’s were won by Dallas Hewitt and Aaron Middaugh.

Next up for the BOSS series is this Saturday, July 14th at Sharon Speedway near Hartford, Ohio. That event will pay a standard BOSS purse of $1200 to win and $225 to start with $100 tow money to any car that attempts to compete and fails to start the main event.

BOSS officials have also added an event to the 2012 schedule. After the success of the first ever non wing sprint car event at Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, track promoter Matt Miley has invited BOSS to return on Saturday, September 29th for another enhanced purse event that will see the BOSS payout increased from positions 6 through 20. The race will still pay $1200 to win but will be increased to $300 to start the main event.


Complete Results:

Heat #1: 1) Andre Layfield 2) Dustin Smith 3) Thomas Meseraull 4) Tony Beaber 5) Dallas Hewitt 6) Tome Rhodes 7) Lewie Christian 8) Mike Moore DNS) Kevin Myers

Heat #2: 1) Kody Swanson 2) Rod Henning 3) Kyle Simon 4) Landon Simon 5) Mike Burkin 6) Mark Silva 7) Rick Horne 8) Jon Nelson

Heat #3: 1) Mike Brecht 2) Matt Westfall 3) Derek Hastings 4) Devin Dobie 5) Aaron Middaugh 6) Jamie Davis 7) Todd Gnat 8) Tim Calicoat

Heat #4: 1) Brandon Spithaler 2) Tony Main 3) Todd Keen 4) Mike Miller 5) Cody Hewitt 6) Chuck Wilson 7) Kirk Jeffries 8) Dustin Ingle

B-Main #1: 1) Dallas Hewitt 2) Mike Burkin 3) Mike Moore 4) Rick Horne 5) Mark Silva 6) Tom Rhodes 7) Lewie Christian DNS) Jon Nelson, Kevin Myers

B-Main #2: 1) Aaron Middaugh 2) Cody Hewitt 3) Kirk Jeffries 4) Chuck Wilson 5) Tim Calicoat 6) Dustin Ingle 7) Jamie Davis 8) Todd Gnat

A-Main: 1) Thomas Meseraull 2) Matt Westfall 3) Andre Layfield 4) Kyle Simon 5) Dustin Smith 6) Kody Swanson 7) Rod Henning 8) Mike Brecht 9) Mike Miller 10) Dallas Hewitt 11) Tony Beaber 12) Todd Keen 13) Tony Main 14) Mike Burkin 15) Aaron Middaugh 16) Landon Simon 17) Brandon Spithaler 18) Derek Hastings 19) Cody Hewitt 20) Devin Dobie