For Immediate Release:
The NDRL’s McKean County Raceway

Mike Knight is Dave Lundgren Memorial Winner at McKean Country Raceway!
Davis wins RUSH Touring event. Rhebergen, Ashcroft, and Mitchell also in Winner’s Circle.

By Jay Pees
East Smethport, PA, June 14, 2013: A long-time crowd favorite was remembered on the first night of the Down & Dirty Weekend as 22 NDRL ULMS Super Late Models vied for the Dave Lundgren Memorial Down & Dirty 30 and 38 entrants arrived for the RUSH Northeast Region Touring series. The “Titusville Terror”, Robbie Blair, set fast time, cutting a 14.768 tour of the track. Second quick was Ron “Rimrider” Davies with a lap of 14.792. “King Richard” Barton clocked in with the third fastest time of 14.895. In all, six cars were under 15 seconds.

The Dave Lundgren Memorial for the NDRL ULMS Late Models took to the track with a twenty-two car starting field for $5000 to win in a thirty lap event. Boom Briggs and Mike Knight led the field with fast qualifier Robbie Blair and Ron Davies in row two. Knight charged into the lead with Blair coming to second on lap two. Three laps in saw the first caution appearing when Gregg Satterlee slowed on the front chute and pulled off turn one, done for the night. Blair battled Knight for the lead getting a bumper ahead at lap six but falling back behind Knight a lap later. Knight and Blair then distanced themselves from third place Briggs, who was having his hands full with fifth starting David Scott. Scott assumed the spot at lap twelve and began closing the gap on Blair, now two car lengths behind Knight. With nineteen in, Knight caught lapped traffic with Blair now right behind. Blair caught Knight at lap 23 in heavy traffic but caution appeared as Dutch Davies slowed on turn two just as Blair pulled alongside. For the Delaware restart it was Knight followed by Blair and Scott with Knight again leading Blair after a lap of green with clear track ahead of him. Knight went on to the win by a comfortable margin over Blair with Scott third, Tim Fuller was fourth with Dick Barton fifth.

The Sweeney RUSH Late Model Touring Series pulled into McKean County Raceway for a series event with Bryce Davis and John Lichy leading the 24-car field, pared down from the 38 entrants through four heats and two B-Mains. Davis led lap one with Joe Martin, from the second row, moving to the runner-up spot. Four laps into the race the first yellow flew when Butch Lambert spun in heavy traffic heading into turn three. On the restart Davis led Martin, Rick Singleton, and Max Blair back to green. Using the double file restart to his advantage Martin immediately got by Davis and opened a lead. Mike Peghar assumed fourth from Blair at lap seven while Martin opened a quarter lap lead by lap eight. At lap nine Martin was lapping the backmarkers while Davis and Singleton fought over second. At 21 laps into the event Martin slapped the front straight wall and then drove straight off the first turn, handing the lead back to Davis for the restart. Davis led the final laps, taking the win over Singleton, Blair, Peghar, and Chad Ruhlman.

The E-Mods started 21 cars for their caution-strewn main event. Several yellows appeared for mechanical problems that ailed the competitors, including early leader Randy Hall. Hall led from the pole with Kirk Bradley second and Brent Rhebergen third. At five laps in Al Brewer experienced mechanical problems and came to a halt just off turn two. After green was again shown Rhebergen was second at the end of lap six. Heading into turn one, Hall apparently had mechanical ails in the rear end of his mount and it spun off the track in turn one, again slowing the race. Rhebergen led the field back to green with Steve Dixon coming to second over Bradley. The battle for fourth at this point was with Dave Hess and Ron Davies with Hess prevailing by the halfway point. At lap thirteen Bradley got back to second as Dixon spun with a flat right rear tire in turn three. Dixon changed the tire and rejoined the field. Hess and Davies raced side by side again for third until Mike Eschrich spun at lap seventeen, again slowing the field. In turn three on the first lap back under green Bradley got sideways, allowing both Hess and Davies to get by for second and third. With four to go, Bradley suddenly slid to a stop at the end of the back stretch, causing cars behind him to scatter but all got by ok. Bradley was pushed on into the infield. The sixth caution was for the Dan Sasso, spinning on turn four with three to go. The final yellow was for a spin in turn two by Bruce Powell who was then collected by Sasso. Rhebergen won the event followed by Davies. Vic Vena got by Hess on the final run to the checkers with Joel Watson filling out the top five. In Victory Lane Rhebergen noted this was his first McKean County Raceway win since 1992. With his third place finish Vic Vena took over the UEMS point lead.

Adam Ashcroft led the Street Stock Feature to the green then led the remaining distance. Josh Wilcox ran second challenged by Dennis Asel early in the event. A lap five spin by Brad Ulman collected Randy Taylor. Taylor went to the pit but rejoined the field before green was again shown. At green Asel assumed second with Andy Michael getting by Wilcox just as yellow fell again at lap six when Taylor spun. Ted Mascho bounced off the wall at lap eight, collecting Mike Robinson who spun and dropped water all over the front straight. Michael and Asel battled for second several laps after green with Asel eventually winning the position. Brad Ulman wound up fourth with Wilcox fifth.

Mitch Boylan and Larry Mitchell led the Mini Stocks to green with Mitchell leading all the way to the checkers, Mitch and Joe Boylan ran second and third until Eric Canfield got by Mitch Boylan at lap six. Joe Boylan challenged Mitchell over the second half of the event, slowed by a caution flag at lap eleven for a minor spin. The final four laps saw Boylan get alongside Mitchell several times but unable to complete the pass. Coming out of turn four for the final run to the checkers Joe Boylan slipped high then hit the wall right at the pit entrance. The top five were Mitchell, Canfield, Chris Parr, Kurt Babcock, Mitch Boylan.

NDRL Super Late Models Dave Lundgren Memorial:
Heat 1: Boom Briggs, Ron Davies, Vic Coffey, Gregg Satterlee, Dan Stone, Matt Lux, Greg Oakes, Mike Oakes

Heat 2: Mike Knight, David Scott, Chub Frank, Dutch Davies, Jason DuPont, Matt Urban, Chris Hackett, Brent Rhebergen

Heat 3: Rob Blair, Dick Barton, Tim Fuller, Russ King, Dave Hess, Bob Close, Rich Gardner

Feature: Mike Knight, Rob Blair, David Scott, Tim Fuller, Dick Barton, Ron Davies, Boom Briggs, Dan Stone, Vic Coffey, Chu Frank, Dave Hess, Russ King, Matt Lux, Jason DuPont, Matt Urban, Chris Hackett, Brent Rhebergen, Dutch Davies, Bob Close, Greg Oakes, Rich Gardner, Gregg Satterlee, Mike Oakes

RUSH Late Models:
Heat 1: Max Blair, John Lichy, Bryce Davis, Glenn Elliott, Cody Dawson, Justin Smith, Josh Jacoby, Rich Hemphill, Bill Mesler, Cody Mason

Heat 2: Matt Latta, Rick Singleton, Craig Dean, Doug Ricotta, Bob Kish, Bruno Mowrey, Zach Carley, Jorden Peters, Garrett Mott, John Haggerty

Heat 3: Butch Lambert, Dusty Waters, Mike Peghar, Chad Silleman, Lauren Longbrake, John Over, Brad Mesler, Scott Fitch, Paul Grigbsy

Heat 4: Joe Martin, Ed Carley, Chad Ruhlman, Adam Sixt, Ward Schell, Ryan Montgomery, Jamie Brown, Matt Harvey, Justin Tatlow

B-Main 1: Bruno Mowrey, Jorden Peters, Justin Smith, Josh Jacoby, Zach Carley, Rich Hemphill, Chad Silleman, Bill Mesler, John Haggerty, Cody Mason (DNS)

B-Main 2: Ryan Montgomery, John Over, Matt Harvey, Jamie Brown, Scott Fitch, Brad Mesler

Non-qualifier’s race: Matt Harvey, Justin Smith, Rich Hemphill, Zach Carley, Justin Tatlow, Bill Mesler, Scott Fitch

Feature: Bryce Davis, Rick Singleton, Max Blair, Mike Pegher, Chad Ruhlman, Matt Latta, Ed Carley, Ryan Montgomery, Doug Ricotta, Jorden Peters, Butch Lambert, Glenn Elliott, Chad Silleman, Lauren Longbrake, Adam Sixt, Bob Kish Ward Schell, Craig Dean, Bruno Mowrey, Joe Martin, Cody Dawson, John Lichy

UEMS E-Mods:
Heat 1: Kirk Bradley, Dave Hess, Steve Dixon, Carl McKinney, Ken Zimmer, Dan Sasso, Bruce Powell

Heat 2: Brent Rhebergen, Greg Johnson, John Woodward, Darren Tarabori, Scooter Pangrazio, Nathan Hill, Mike Eschrich

Heat 3: Randy Hall, Ron Davies, Al Brewer, Shane Crotty, Vic Vena, Joel Watson, Carl Ballinger

Feature: Brent Rhebergen, Ron Davies, Vic Vena, Dave Hess, Joel Watson, Scooter Pangrazio, Nathan Hill, Steve Dixon, Shane Crotty, Greg Johnson, Dan Sasso, Ken Zimmer, Carl Ballinger, Darren Tarabori, Kirk Bradley, Carl McKinney, John Woodward, Mike Eschrich, Randy Hall, Al Brewer

Close Racing Supply Street Stocks:
Heat 1: Josh Wilcox, Joe Chamberlain, Brad Ulman, Ted Mascho, #31,

Heat 2: Adam Ashcroft, Dennis Asel, Andy Michael, Randy Taylor, #00

Feature: Adam Ashcroft, Dennis Asel, Andy Michael, Brad Ulman, Josh Wilcox, Joe Chamberlain, Ted Mascho, Randy Taylor, #00, #31

Mini Stocks:
Heat 1: Mitch Boylan, Larry Mitchell, Holden Heinemann, Michael Oakes, Denny Babcock, Richard Kline, Cody Egnar

Heat 2: Joe Boylan, Eric Canfield, Kurt Babcock, Chris Parr, #36, Aaron Bartas

Feature: Larry Mitchell, Eric Canfield, Chris Parr, Kurt Babcock, Mitch Boylan, Holden Heinemann, Aaron Bartas, Cody Egnar, Joe Boylan, Richard Kline, #36, Denny Babcock

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