By Fully Injected Motorsports:

BUTLER, Pa. (November 9, 2022) – A name that is certainly synonymous with supporting grassroots motorsports, Shawn Loken, known to most as the man behind DKW Transport, has partnered with Tyler Altmeyer and, officially adopting the role as the site’s presenting sponsor through the 2023 season. 

Calling Minnesota home, Loken’s involvement in grassroots motorsports, most notably his dedication in supporting drivers and teams within sprint car and late model competition, stretches almost two decades, recently associated with competitors and owners such as Donny Schatz and Bernie Stuebgen, as well as throwing his support behind Attica Raceway Park’s annual Brad Doty Classic.

“I just can’t help myself. Every time I tell myself that I’m going to retire, I jump right back in. I just love the sport so much, so as long as I am able to support it, I will,” said Shawn Loken. “I’ve known Tyler [Altmeyer] for a long time. He’s passionate about racing and does everything he can to help and support those who he is affiliated with. There’s a lot that goes into what he does and I want to be a part of it.” 

“I actually met Shawn through Danny Holtgraver and we’ve been friends ever since. Just an all around good person to be associated with, and I picked that up quickly through the Holtgraver family,” added Tyler Altmeyer. “I really admire what he does…supports who he can whenever he can. There are others like him, but he really stands out. To have him join the site’s efforts is pretty special. His support will help alleviate some underlying costs.”

The 2023 season will be business as usual for Fully Injected Motorsports. Although the current season has come to a close, for most, the next few months will be dedicated to paint scheme, partner, and schedule announcements. To learn more, visit or email Tyler directly.

Tyler Altmeyer