Participating in the ENZED World Series Sprintcars’ Speedweek poses great pressures to teams and drivers alike.

Speedweek comprises of 5 races, in 5 towns, over 7 nights, and it can certainly take its toll on competitors and support crews.

Owing to the jam-packed schedule of Speedweek, the kick-start campaign to the ENZED World Series Sprintcars is somewhat unique. Not only are teams required to race as per usual, it is a necessity that they are able to balance the pressures of racing an incredibly tight and heavy schedule – with little to no room for error.

Speedweek is a race within itself. Generally, teams have approximately 17 hours between one night’s race finishing, and the next race night starting. The act of balancing pressures of travel, maintenance, and sleep is an art that can only be perfected with some luck – essentially, an issue with a team’s Sprintcar adds further pressures in their quest of conquering the almighty Speedweek.

Once the race night is complete, maintenance commences. The teams pack-up and head to the car wash to wipe-off the battle scars received from the night’s race. The travel and/or sleep then starts for the teams.

If a team is involved in an unfortunate incident – one that would require hours of work on the Sprintcar – crew members will neglect sleep in order to ensure their team’s Sprintcar is in ideal condition, and able to make it to the next track on time for the next round of racing.

Teams are equipped with enough spare parts to build an entire new Sprintcar – this can be essential.

The travel from Adelaide to Murray Bridge to Mount Gambier to Avalon and finally, to Warrnambool, can either make or break a team’s ENZED World Series Sprintcars campaign.

Once the pressures of the ENZED World Series Sprintcars’ Speedweek are tackled, the teams head-out onto the highway to ensure their Sprintcar is in Brisbane for Round 6, just 3 days after the conclusion of Speedweek.

This year, there is an added incentive for all drivers participating in Speedweek – a $10,000 prize will be paid to this season’s Speedweek winner, an enticement arranged by Speedweek host tracks.

With the added incentive – and the prestige that comes with success in the ENZED World Series Sprintcars’ Speedweek – the balancing act of Speedway’s toughest road trip may become even tougher.

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