Williams Grove Speedway



Mechanicsburg – Williams Grove Speedway will present twin 20s for the Lawrence Chevrolet 410 sprint cars on Friday night, August 17 at 7:30 pm.

The Williams Grove Speedway Saturday Series will be in action during the weekend as well, featuring super sportsman, 358 late models and street stocks on Saturday night, August 18.  

The twin 20s for sprint cars have long been a fan favorite at the historic oval and this season is sure to be no different. 

The 2012 twins will be part of the season-long Diamond Series at the track. 

Both races will carry full points towards both the Diamond Series title as well as the overall 2012 Williams Grove Speedway crown. 

Each of the twin 20s will pay a hefty $2,500 to win with the top 12 drivers from qualifying time trials locked into the starting grid of the first 20-lapper. 

The blance of the time trial field will be split into a pair of qualifying races with the top five from each heat race moving on to the 20s. 

The final two drivers, who will comprise the 12th row of the first twin 20, will be the top two drivers in Williams Grove points who have failed to race into the show.  

Fireworks and an exhibition of vintage racecars courtesy of the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing will also be presented.  

Last year, Daryn Pittman and Steve Buckwalter split the twins.  

Only twice in the history of the events since they became a regular attraction (1983) have the races been swept, by Fred Rahmer most recently in 1995 and by Van May back in 1983.  

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10/11/63 – Bud Folkenroth, Bud Folkenroth

8/30/68 – Junior Ritchey, Gene Varner

5/30/69 – Ray Tilley, Kenny Weld

7/30/70 – Lynn Paxton, Gene Kohr > Bobbie Adamson overall

8/26/83 – Van May, Van May

6/15/84 – Van May, Keith Kauffman

8/24/84 – Bobby Weaver, Scott Tobias

6/14/85 – Steve Siegel, Don Kreitz Jr.

8/23/85 – Tighe Scott, Paul Lotier

6/27/86 – Jim Nace, Barry Camp

8/22/86 – Van May, Maynard Yingst

6/26/87 – Bob Landis, Steve Siegel

8/21/87 – Jerry Stone, Daryl Gohn

5/13/88 – Dan Dietrich, Joe Gravino

6/24/88 – Kenny Adams, Steve Stambaugh

7/8/88 – Dave Kelly, Frankie Kerr

8/19/88 – Johnny Mackison Jr., Fred Rahmer

8/18/89 – Dave Kelly, Joey Kuhn

8/17/90 – Steve Stambaugh, Don Kreitz Jr.

8/18/91 – Steve Smith, Bobby Weaver

8/14/92 – Kenny Adams, Lance Dewease

9/24/93 – Lance Dewease, Bill Brian Jr.

6/17/94 – Don Kreitz Jr., Billy Pauch

8/19/94 – Cris Eash, Glen Fitzcharles

6/16/95 – Fred Rahmer, Fred Rahmer

8/18/95 – Dan Dietrich, Don Kreitz Jr.

8/23/96 – Billy Pauch, Lance Dewease

8/22/97 – Cris Eash, Don Kreitz Jr.

8/21/98 – Cris Eash, Billy Pauch

6/13/03 – Greg Hodnett, Keith Kauffman

6/18/04 – Kenny Jacobs, Fred Rahmer

9/4/05 – Lucas Wolfe, Fred Rahmer

9/3/06 – Lucas Wolfe, Doug Esh

8/31/07 – Kevin Nouse, Mark Smith

8/31/08 – Mike Erdley, Fred Rahmer

8/21/09 – Adam Wilt, Mark Smith

8/20/10 – Daryn Pittman, Brian Montieth

8/19/11 – Daryn Pittman, Steve Buckwalter