Dohm wins DJ Directional Services Freedom Fighters 40; Myers, Shroyer, West and Hensel Jr. also victorious at NAPA Auto Parts WCS
By Ryan Pearson

Orrville, Ohio (October 13, 2012) The final race of the 2012 season is in the books as the annual DJ Directional Services Freedom Fighters 40 put the wraps on the racing season. The gates swung open under sunny skies but clouds and the threat of rain quickly moved in. 

For the DJ Directional Services Freedom Fighters 40 the field took the green flag dropped on the field a light rain started to fall. Pole sitter Doug Drown jumped out to the early lead just ahead of Zack Dohm, Russ King, Keith Barbara, Jared Hawkins, Shane McLoughlin and Tim Senic. As Drown held the point the racing though the field was intense as they raced three and four wide. On lap eight Dohm closed the gap on Drown looking for daylight to move past the leader. On lap nine Dohm got a run down the back stretch and dove under Drown to take the lead. Dohm did not waste any time and immediately began stretching his lead. A tight battle between Senic, King and Hawkins for second place ensued as they raced door handle to door handle. Senic took the position and set his sights on the leader. Ninth starting Jared Miley moved into fifth place on lap nine. Dohm began working back markers which allowed Senic to close the gap on the leader. Miley blasted past Hawkins, King and attempted to catch Senic for second place. On lap twenty seven Miley powered past Senic for second place but Dohm still held a straight away lead. On lap twenty nine the first of two cautions flew for George Lee and erased the comfortable lead Dohm had built. On the restart Dohm held the point but Miley did not give up. Miley moved up the race track and ran the high grove as Dohm was glued to the bottom. As the checker flag flew Dohm took the win just ahead of Miley, Senic, Barbara, King and Keith Berner. Dohm, Berner, Drown, Barbara and McLoughlin won heat races. Dohm set fast time.

As the Freedom Fighters 40 finished a light shower passed the track. The Fisher Performance sprints were called to the track. As a light drizzle fell sprints kept the track run in and racing resumed. During this time outside front row Danny Mumaw went pit side. Under All Star rules teams are only allowed one push off or they must go to tail. General Manger Jason Flory sent Mumaw to tail. This moved Chris Andrews to the front row outside pole sitter Chris Myers. When the green flag flew Myers powered to the point ahead of Andrews, Lee Jacobs, Eric Williams and Jimmy Pooler. Ch. Myers set a torrid pace and by lap three was closing on lapped traffic. Jacobs dove under Andrews to snag second and attempted to chase Ch. Myers. On lap eleven Mumaw had moved up to seventh place. On lap twelve Ch. Myers who was leading pulled up to turn four pit/track exit and stopped with his car on fire. He rapidly exited with his drivers’ suit on fire near his feet and lower legs. Ch. Myers dropped and rolled attempting to put out the fire as track personnel arrived to assist in putting out the fire. Their attempts failed as he continued to roll and track workers tried patting it out. Track Fire personnel arrived and extinguished the fire and Ch. Myers was alert and talking to track workers. The ruptured fuel line on Ch. Myers car resulted in the lead being handed to Jacobs. On lap fourteen a great battle between Jacobs and Andrews broke out as they exchanged slide jobs on each end of the race track. Back and forth they battled which resulted in Andrews wrestling the lead away from Jacobs. Jamie Myers after watching his brother catch fire blast past Jacobs and closed up on Andrews. Ja. Myers moved past Andrews to take the lead. Andrews had shock fall off and attempted to hold off challenging Mumaw and Williams. At the finish line it was Jamie Myers taking the win ahead of a charging Mumaw, Jacobs, Andrews and Williams. Mumaw and Chris Myers won heat races.

In the Bremenour Electric Modifieds it was Ryan West jumping to the point ahead of Dave Bodkins, Mike Mizer, Nathon Loney and Rory Reed. Bodkins dogged West from the beginning but was unable to make a pass. On lap eight the caution flag flew for debris on the track. On the restart Reed slipped past Mizer on the high side to take the third position. As the checker flag flew it was West taking the win ahead of Bodkins, Reed, Jeff Votaw and Nick Smith. Bodkins and West won heat races.

In the Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks Matt Shroyer powered to the lead ahead of Rob Smith, Brandon Craver, Bob Daugthery and Jason Hinton. On lap five the front runners battled for position with Shroyer holding the slight edge ahead of Smith. A caution erased the lead Shroyer held over Smith. On the restart Smith retired for the evening with mechanical issues. As Shroyer held the point Hinton and Craver raced side by side which found Hinton take the position from Craver. At the finish it was Shroyer taking home the win ahead of Hinton, Mitchell Lam, Craver and Charlie Dawson. Shroyer and Brad Eagle won heat races.

In the NAPA Auto Parts Mini Stocks Roger Rush Sr. jumped to the early lead ahead Gary Hensel Jr, Jordan James, Lester Berry and Tim Justice. Rush held off the challenges from the field but on lap five Hensel Jr. took to the high side and drove off the back stretch to power to the lead. James had mechanical issues retiring while running third. On lap eight old veteran Jerry Adkins passed Rush and Berry to take second place. At the checkered flag it was Hensel Jr scoring the easy win just ahead of Adkins, Rush and Berry. Hensel won the heat race.

For additional information contact Jason or Kristin Flory at: 330-465-2365, or email at For news, updates and schedule visit the Wayne County Speedway website at Wayne County Speedway is located nine miles east of Wooster, or 15 miles west of Massillon on US Rt. 30, then one mile north on Carr Road.
DJ Directional Services Freedom Fighters 40 (41 Cars)
Heat #1
1. Zack Dohm 2. Russ King 3. George Lee 4. DJ Cline 5. Blaine Aber 6. Larry Bellman 7. Justin Chance 8. Josh Haynes 9. Ricky Holderbaum
Heat #2
1. Keith Berner 2. Jared Miley 3. Corey Conley 4. Ryan Missler 5. Steve Prince 6. Mark Smith 7. Chester Elliot 8. Don Conley
Heat #3
1. Doug Drown 2. Jared Hawkins 3. Brad Malcuit 4. Devin Moran 5. Weston Hutchinson 6. David Liles 7. Jesse Wisecarver 8. Jerry Aber
Heat #4
1. Shane McLoughlin 2. John Mollick 3. Charlie Duncan 4. Brandon Gardner 5. Cody Scott 6. Randy Pollock 7. Tim Gould 8. Travis Mensching
Heat #5
1. Keith Barbara 2. Tim Senic 3. Rick Bond 4. Ryan Markham 5. Richard Frazier 6. Chris Keller 7. Jimmy Morey DNS: JR Gentry
B-Main #1
1. DJ Cline 2. Devin Moran 3. Steve Prince 4. Cody Scott 5. Larry Bellman 6. Chris Keller 7. David Liles 8. Jerry Aber 9. Tim Gould 10. Josh Haynes 11. Chester Elliot 12. Ricky Holderbaum
B-Main #2
1. Brandon Gardner 2. Weston Hutchinson 3. Ryan Missler 4. Blaine Aber 5. Jesse Wisecarver 6. Randy Pollock 7. Travis Mensching 8. Jimmy Morey 9. Don Conley 10. Richard Frazier 11. Justin Chance 12. Mark Smith
1. Zack Dohm 2. Jared Miley 3. Tim Senic 4. Keith Barbara 5. Russ King 6. Keith Berner 7. Devin Moran 8. Corey Conley 9. Brad Malcuit 10. Shane McLoughlin 11. Doug Drown 12. Brandon Gardner 13. Ryan Markham 14. John Mollick 15. Charlie Duncan 16. George Lee 17. Rick Bond 18. Jared Hawkins 19. Weston Hutchinson 20. DJ Cline

Thrifty Discount Muffler Pure Stocks (15 Cars)
Heat #1
1. Matt Shroyer 2. Brandon Craver 3. Rob Smith 4. Chris Albright 5. Pauley Hess 6. Howard Specht 7. John Sutherland 8. John Large
Heat #2
1. Brad Eagle 2. Bob Daughtery 3. Jason Hinton 4. Mitchell Lam 5. Charlie Dawson 6. Jamie Gibbs 7. Jim Large
1. Matt Shroyer 2. Jason Hinton 3. Mitchell Lam 4. Brandon Craver 5. Charlie Dawson 6. Pauley Hess 7. Chris Albright 8. Bob Daughtery 9. Brad Eagle 10. Howard Spect 11. Jim Large 12. Rob Smith 13. John Sutherland 14. Jamie Gibbs DNS: John Large

Fisher Performance Sprints (16 Cars)
Heat #1
1. Danny Mumaw 2. Chris Andrews 3. Eric Williams 4. Jamie Myers 5. Bob Lime 6. Pete Grove 7. Jay Howe 8. Jeremy Duponski
Heat #2
1. Chris Myers 2. Lee Jacobs 3. Jimmy Pooler 4. Brandon Spithaler 5. Joe Armbruster 6. Shawn Hubler 7. Troy Kingan DNS: Jack Whitmore
1. Jamie Myers 2. Danny Mumaw 3. Lee Jacobs 4. Chris Andrews 5. Eric Williams 6. Pete Grove 7. Shawn Hubler 8. Jimmy Pooler 9. Bob Lime 10. Brandon Spithaler 11. Troy Kingan 12. Chris Myers 13. Jeremy Duponski 14. Jay Howe 15. Jack Whitmore 16. Joe Armbruster

Bremenour Electric Modifieds (14 Cars)
Heat #1
1. Dave Bodkins 2. Brian Douglas 3. Mike Mizer 4. Eric Singhaus 5. Bob Page 6. Bob Sims 7. Jimmy Smith
Heat #2
1. Ryan West 2. Nathon Loney 3. Larry Kugal 4. Rory Reed 5. Nick Smith 6. Jim Nicely 7. Dustin Fraley 8. Jeff Votaw
1. Ryan West 2. Dave Bodkins 3. Rory Reed 4. Jeff Votaw 5. Nick Smith 6. Dustin Fraley 7. Bob Page 8.Brian Douglas 9. Jim Nicely 10. Nathan Loney 11. Mike MIzer 12. Eric Singhaus 13. Bob Sims 14. Larry Kugal

NAPA Auto Parts Mini Stocks (12 Cars)
Heat #1:
1. Gary Hensel Jr. 2. Jordan James 3. Roger Rush Sr. 4. Tim Justice 5. Lester Berry 6. Jerry Adkins 7. Mark Adkins 8. William Huntingon 9. Josh Palmer 10. Joel Palmer 11. Ronald Cogan 12. Dale Stoner
1. Gary Hensel Jr. 2. Jerry Adkins 3. Roger Rush Sr. 4. Lester Berry 5. Ron Cogan 6. Dale Stoner 7. Josh Palmer 8. Jordan James 9. Joel Palmer 10. Tim Justice 11. William Huntington 12. Mark Adkins