Orrville, Ohio
Saturday, May 10, 2014
By Mike Swanger

The fans were treated to four outstanding features on a fast, very smooth and tacky racing surface at NAPA Wayne County Speedway on Bremenour Electric night. The Buckeye Machine Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series checked into the pits for the first time this year with 26 wingless Sprints set for action. Mike Miller, Brandon Spithaler and Dustin Smith posted the heat wins while Grafton West Virginia’s Andre Layfield breezed to the B-Main win that would slot him in at the 16th starting position for the 25 lap feature. Adam Miller and Tyler Gunn would bring the field to the green flag with Gunn losing air pressure in the right rear tire to bring out the caution flag on the first lap that ended his night. Brandon Spithaler would chase after Adam Miller on the restart with Mike Miller in third as Johnny Beaber and Kory Crabtree dueling for fourth. At the five lap mark, Layfield, who was using every inch of the smooth 3/8 mile track by glancing off the guardrail on both ends of the track, was up to sixth. On the halfway signal, Mike Miller edged past Spithaler for second and quickly put the pressure on Adam Miller for the lead. Crabtree, points leader Michael Fischesser and Layfield were locked in a three way battle for fourth. Adam Miller bobbled in turn two on the 17th circuit and both Mike Miller and Spithaler slipped around the leader. Adam Miller’s car lost power with four laps to go as he coasted back to the pits out of harms way and Layfield powered past Spithaler for second who quickly gave that position up to Fischesser. On the final lap, Layfield went wheel to wheel with Mike Miller down the backstretch and as the pair darted out of turn 4 for the checker flag, Layfield inched by just 50 yards from the line to grab the win from Miller as the fans were all on their feet. In Victory Lane, the winner said he almost didn’t come to the track because of the rain in southern Ohio. He also commented that he didn’t know how he won as the last few laps his visor on the helmet kept fogging up, the Hoosier shoed #21 wasn’t quite perfect but some how we got the job done on this great racing surface. Mike Miller was chased across the line by Fischesser, Spithaler and Crabtree. Layfield also picked up the Bridge Restaurant Hard Charger Award improving 15 positions and also won the Hoosier Award, Fischesser pocketed the Lias Tire- American Racer Award. The Hochstetler Truck & Auto Repair Steel Block Award went to Mike Moore. Adam Miller collected the Lynn Cook Hard Luck Award and Tyler Gunn received the Rusty and Cappi McClure Lucky Pill Draw. The Buckeye Machine B.O.S.S.sprints will return to NAPA Wayne County Speedway on Saturday, July 26th.

The Lias Tire Late Models were chasing a $1500 to win purse and from start to finish it was a three way battle between Ashland’s Ryan Markham, Doug Drown and Shane McLoughlin as at times they were three wide coming out of the corners. Larry Bellman and Markham started on the front row with McLoughlin moving past Bellman on the opening circuit with Drown dropping Bellman back to 4th on lap four and from that point on it was game on. Although Markham and his H & T Demolition, Accu Shock and Fultz Fabrication #5m was the recorded leader on every lap, both Drown and McLoughlin momentarily was able to get to the front only to have Markham regain the lead. Just past the halfway mark, all three were side by side by side and as they came out of turn two all three had to check up as they made contact with Markham able to break away with Drown settling into second that once again had the crowd on their feet. Drown, who arrived late and did not get to qualify, made one last charge coming out of turn four with the black and white silk flag waving but came up short. In victory lane, Flying Ryan said he just loves NAPA Wayne County Speedway and thanked Jason Flory and crew for the great racing surface, it was his second win of the weekend as he won at Attica Raceway Park on Friday night and he made it three in a row at NAPA Wayne County Speedway. McLoughlin finished third with Weston Hutchinson and Bellman rounding out the top five. Heat race wins went to McLoughlin and Markham.

Larry Baldwin of Medina outraced Paul McVicker into turn one and led all the way in the Thrifty Muffler Super Stock main as the 7up, Innovative Graphics and Midas car sat in victory circle for the third time this season. Nick Smith moved past McVicker for second on lap seven and tried to run down Baldwin to no avail. McVicker held of Mitch Caskey for third while Tyler Thompson came from starting 12th to take fifth for his best finish of the season. Baldwin and Caskey topped the heat and the Baldwin Motorsports $100 Award this week went to McVicker.

Wooster driver Brad Hensel and Greg Thompson went back and forth all race long during the WQKT Mini Stock feature as both drivers were looking for their second win of ‘14. Hensel and his DJ Directional Services and Sportsman Bar #28 secured a two car length lead over the final three laps to pocket the win. Thompson, who was the heat race winner, finished second with Adam Kern, James Rowe and Doug Hensel filling out the top five. Lowe’s and store manager Travis Wilcox kicked in $200 to the purse of the Mini Stocks.

Four different NAPA Mini Wedge drivers led at one time but when the checker flag waved, it was Robbie Ledger of Jewett putting his hands around the flag for his first ever win. Driving the Stull Trucking, Mansfield Hauling and Lewton Race Engines #33, Ledger led the opening two laps before Konner Thomas took control for the next two laps as Ledger reclaimed the point for the next three circuits. Tanner McLoughlin went to the front of the pack on lap eight as two time winner and 10th starting Braxton Wilson went ahead on the white flag lap only to get to far sideways coming through turn four on the last lap and Ledger got the lead back to score the win. Matthew Moore notched his best finish with a second, Wilson gathered himself back to take third while Konner Thomas and Billy Dawson rounded out the top five. Konner Thomas and Ledger won the heats. Each Mini Wedge driver was given $20 thanks to DJ Directional Service ($100) Lowe’s ($100) and Parents ($20).

Thanks to Timeless Treasure’s for the Mother’s Day Basket and to Lowe’s for the Hanging Flower Baskets.

Next Saturday, May 17th, the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association (OVSCA) rolls into NAPA Wayne County Speedway with the Lias Tire Late Models, Thrifty Muffler Super Stocks, WQKT Mini Stocks and the NAPA Mini Wedges on the racing card. For more information, check out the website at



Saturday, May 3, 2014


Burdette Builders Heat 1 (Top 3 to Feature) Mike Miller, Johnny Beaber, Tyler Gunn, Chuck Wilson, Logan Hupp, Andre Layfield, Derek Hastings, Joe Butera, Lewie Christain

K-D Pizza Heat 2 (Top 3 to Feature) Brandon Spithaler, Tony Beaber, Michael Fischesser, Aaron Middaugh, Mike Burkin, Tom Miller, Bob McMillin, Andy Fike, Kirk Jeffries (dns)

Cowen Truck Line Heat 3 (Top 3 to Feature) Dustin Smith, Kory Crabtree, Adam Miller, Jeremy Shambaugh, Chad Wilson, Mike Moore, Chris Plascak, Nick Daugherty

Lias Tire/American Racer B-Main (Top 5 to Feature) Andre Layfield, Chris Plascak, Derek Hastings, Bob McMillin, Mike Moore, Tom Miller, Lewie Christain, Joe Butera, Andy Fike, Nick Daugherty, Kirk Jeffries (dns)

Feature Andre Layfield, Mike Miller, Mike Fischesser, Brandon Spithaler, Kory Crabtree, Aaron Middaugh, Mike Burkin, Tony Beaber, Logan Hupp, Chuck Wilson, Dustin Smith, Chad Wilson, Jeremy Shambaugh, Derek Hastings, Bob McMillin, Mike Moore, Adam Miller, Johnny Beaber, Tom Miller, Tyler Gunn


Fast Qualifier Shane McLoughlin 17.366

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Shane McLoughlin, DJ Miller, Blaine Aber, Don Conley, Allan Baker, Richard Derrickson, Mike Swansiger

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Larry Bellman, Weston Hutchinson, Hiram Bachman, Jerry Aber, Jim Nicely

Feature Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Weston Hutchinson, Larry Bellman, Don Conley, DJ Miller, Blaine Aber, Hiram Bachman, Jerry Aber, Mike Swansiger, Allan Baker, Jim Nicely, Richard Derrickson


Fast Qualifier Larry Baldwin 19.728

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 1 Larry Baldwin, Paul McVicker, Chase Alexander, Chaz O’Dell, Paul Whitten, Tyler Nicely, Gary McGregor, Dennis Amstutz, Brandon Welker

Summit Racing Equipment Heat 2 Mitch Caskey, Nick Smith, Mitchell Lam, Chris Albright, David Uhler, Tyler Thompson, Don Rutt, Zack Myers

Feature Larry Baldwin, Nick Smith, Paul McVicker, Mitch Caskey, Tyler Thompson, Chris Albright, Paul Whitten, Dennis Amstutz, Gary McGregor, Zack Myers, Mitchell Lam, Chase Alexander, Tyler Nicely, Don Rutt, David Uhler, Chaz O’Dell (dns), Brandon Welker (dns)


Heat 1 Greg Thompson, Brad Hensel, Billy Parsons, Doug Hensel, Adam Kern, James Rowe, Paul Kern

Feature Brad Hensel, Greg Thompson, Adam Kern, James Rowe, Doug Hensel, Billy Parsons, Paul Kern


Heat 1 Konner Thomas, Billy Dawson, Zoe Stafford, Matthew Moore, Kolton Thomas, Caitlin Johnson

Heat 2 Robbie Ledger, Tanner McLoughlin, Jolene Voshel, Lucas Thomas, Braxton Wilson

Feature Robbie Ledger, Matthew Moore, Braxton Wilson, Konner Thomas, Billy Dawson, Kolton Thomas, Jolene Voshel, Tanner McLoughlin, Lucas Thomas, Catlin Johnson, Zoe Stafford (dns)